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From left to right: Sasha, Rory and Snaggle.

Rory Bear is a young orphan Mobian Bear, who along with Snaggle and Sasha was taken into the care of Rosie after the rise of Dr. Eggman. He and his young friends were critical of a bedtime story Rosie told them, and were also treated to a rather poorly cast play about the early adventures of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. The three young orphans also attacked Monkey Khan for his rude interruption of Mina Mongoose's concert celebrating Eggman's defeat, throwing rocks until Sonic stopped them. They achieved a small victory by defeating Sonic with logic, but Monkey Khan then apologized, and Sonic warned them that he would tell Rosie about their bad behavior. Later, when the Iron Queen took control of Bunnie D'Coolette, the trio pleaded with Monkey Khan, convincing him to attempt to save her, with Rory insisting it was his "job" to do so. They later supported him, having forgiven him for his earlier actions. (StH: #90, #153, #201, #203, CSE)

Background Information


Rory, like the other orphans, hasn't been depicted with much consistency in his appearances. He is a Mobian Bear with round ears and is usually brown or orange in colour. He typically wears shorts (often blue) and has blue eyes.

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