Pre-SGW icon

Robotropolis Spy Network
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #27

Form of Group and Statistics

Freedom Fighter Group


N/A, post-3225 (destroyed same year)


Knothole Freedom Fighters


The Robotropolis Spy Network was a group of Mobians that spied on Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his operations from the inside of Robotropolis. The group provided information to the Knothole Freedom Fighters via coded messages that were spray-painted on the walls of buildings in Robotropolis. Later the Spy Network helped to located the captured Knothole Freedom Fighters for Sonic and the Substitute Freedom Fighters to stage a rescue mission. Weeks later, the group was destroyed when Sleuth Dog betrayed them in order to gain a better life working for Robotnik, with most or all of its members being roboticized. The BEM likely undid the Roboticizations of Kicks-A-Lot and the unnamed members.(StH: #27, #38, #42)

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