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Roboticization is the process by which an organic creature is converted into a robotic being. This is usually accomplished by a Roboticizer; the reversal of the process is simply called de-roboticization.


Professor Charles the Hedgehog developed the process to save lives, particularly from life-threatening injuries or conditions. It took him some time to develop, and unfortunately was not viable in time to save the life of Nikki the Lynx. However, he was able to use it to save the life of Bunnie Rabbot, who suffered grave injuries during Dr. Eggman's takeover of Mobotropolis. Unfortunately, Eggman would later usurp the process for his own twisted ends, using it to turn Mobians into obedient slaves to serve him as laborers and troops. However, by some means the process appears to have been at some point rendered ineffective, though the possibility of it becoming viable again remained a source of fear for Eggman's underlings, such as Egg Boss Axel the Water Buffalo. Eggman lamented the loss of the process, though not without acknowledging its limitations. (SU: #73; SSD: #9; StH: #253, #259, #266)


Roboticized beings-at least when made so by Eggman-lost all free will and independent thought, and became solely subservient to the evil doctor. While Eggman enjoyed the obedience displayed by these subjects, even he would admit that they were somewhat lacking in terms of original idea and personality.

Known Subjects of Roboticization

Background Information

  • The process is based upon the Sonic video game series's originating incarnation of roboticization, where an animal is forcibly stored at the heart of a robotic body and is kept as its respective power supply. Unlike the extremely difficult process of de-roboticizing in the Sonic-Archie universe, the process of its originating game merely allows one to break open the robot to free its captive within.

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