The Ritual Chamber is an invention of the Order of Ixis, apparently developed during the time of the Forgotten War. Its use is to amplify the powers of an Ixian magician, enabling him to cast more powerful spells. One such chamber was created beneath New Mobotropolis by Ixis Naugus, who planned to cast the Eldritch Rites to enslave the Council of Acorn so he could re-establish the Order. In order to add to the chamber's power, he dispatched his apprentice Geoffrey St. John to Soumerca in order to retrieve the bones of Ixis Vale, a fallen subordinate of Mammoth Mogul. The chamber's existence and location was discovered by Elias Acorn, Leeta, and Lyco of the Secret Freedom Fighters, and it's purpose was revealed to their team by Geoffrey after he learned of his master's monstrous plans. (SU: SU: #41, #42, #43)

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