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Riki-Le at Lara-Su's slumber party.

Riki-Le was a friend of Lara-Su in the Light Mobius universe prior to the timeline alterations by King Sonic. While in a class, Riki-Le asked Professor Perriwinkle why their government was referred to as the Republic of Angel Island if they were a democracy. Later, Riki-Le stayed over at Lara-Su's house for a sleepover. When Lara-Su asked her what she thought of Manik's game proposal, she stated Lara-Su could simply beat him up if he got out of line. (StH: #131, #139)

It is unknown if Riki-Le existed after King Sonic altered the timeline, as Lara-Su mentioned she had memories of friends who no longer existed. Additionally, Riki-Le was not shown in the new timeline.

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