A Reploid is a highly advanced robot type from the future of Earth 20XX based on the schematics of X and surpassing the earlier Robot Masters.



First Reploid

Creation of the first Reploid.

The Reploids were created by Dr. Cain, an archaeologist and robotics expert who uncovered Dr. Light's ultimate creation, the robot known as X. Modeling the Reploids after X, Dr. Cain sought to bring about an age of harmony in which robots and humans lived together in peace. Unfortunately, a strange virus caused many of the Reploids to become hostile and violent, and these renegades were dubbed the Mavericks. The Maverick Hunters were created to battle and contain the Mavericks, but tragedy struck when Hunter Commander Sigma was corrupted and became leader of the Mavericks. It thus fell to X, Zero, Axl, and other Maverick Hunters to continue the fight against the Mavericks and the evil of Sigma. (MMX)

Worlds Unite

The conflict between Mavericks and Hunters eventually expanded to other worlds after the Hunters launched an assault on Sigma's latest fortress. During the attack, however, Sigma managed to beam his programming to the Lost Hex above Mobius Prime through a Genesis Portal. X, Zero, and Axl attempted to pursue him with help from Silver the Hedgehog, but ended up on Bygone Island in the Sonic Boom Zone instead. Fortunately, an unlikely alliance with Team Sticks enabled them to travel to Mobius, which was in the process of being merged together with Earth 20XX of the past. The two forces soon joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters and various Robot Masters under Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man aboard the Sky Patrol, and the two groups set out to stop Sigma's plan. In response, however, Sigma began recreating every Maverick that had previously served him. (SU: #76; WUB: #1; SB: #8; StH: #273; MM: #50)

Known Reploids

Maverick Hunters

See Maverick Hunters


See Maverick

Background Information

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