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Relic the Pika
Relic the Pika
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #63

Biographical information




Physical description


  • Fur: Teal
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Black bodysuit
  • Light Brown Gloves
  • Light Brown Jacket
  • Light Brown Backpack
  • Brown and White Shoes
  • Purple Spectacles
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Archaeological Knowledge

Relic the Pika is a Mobian Pika, archeologist, and friend of Knuckles the Echidna. With her ancient robot assistant Fixit, she searches for artifacts and deciphers ancient texts.


Journeying to the Island

Having become a dedicated archaeologist, Relic is known to have studied the Trolls of the Second Great Civilization and developed an interest in the disappeared Echidnas. As such, when Angel Island fell into the ocean following the escape of Chaos, she traveled by boat to the island in order to learn more about it. At some point during her research, she met Knuckles the Echidna, whom she persuaded to let her remain on the island, and even remained there after the island fell yet again. In the course of her studies-whether before arriving on the island or afterwards-she came across the ancient robot Fixit, who became her constant companion and assistant.(SA, (SA2, SU: #67, #69)

Temporary Guardian

Relic was conducting research at the Launch Base Zone when the planet shattered below. While attempting to make contact with the surface, to no avail, she was visited by Knuckles, who reluctantly requested that she guard the Master Emerald while he headed away on a journey, to which she joyfully agreed. Of course, it was on the stipulation that she and Fixit merely keep watch over the Master Emerald and make no attempt to touch it. Their task quickly became complicated when they discovered a strange energy signature emanating from another part of the island. Upon investigation, they came across an alien plant growing on the island that seemed to be killing its surroundings. Taking samples for analysis, they eventually determined that the island had been invaded, and Relic quickly went to inform Knuckles upon his return. However, she was briefly distracted from her purpose by Tikal, whom she recognized as a member of the long-gone Knuckles Clan. (SU: #63, #64, #65, #66)

While Tikal took Knuckles' new charge Chip to the Hidden Palace for safety, Relic met with Knuckles and Fixit to discuss how they might address the invasion. Their musings were then interrupted by the arrival of Team Dark, who were seeking the aliens who had violated the island: Eclipse the Darkling and the Dark Arms. To her shock, Rouge the Bat immediately came to suspect that Relic was Knuckles' girlfriend, and Relic questioned whether the Echidna had indicated as much to others. Following the awkward encounter, it was decided that Knuckles would take Rouge and E-123 Omega in search of the aliens, while Relic and Fixit would remain on Shrine Island with Shadow the Hedgehog. Eclipse promptly arrived and attempted to seize the Emerald, and Shadow was forced to do battle with him. He managed to achieve victory, only to decide that it was necessary to move the Master Emerald to a G.U.N. facility to keep it from Eclipse. Relic opposed this action, but Knuckles' objection came in the form of challenging Shadow to a fight. (SU: #67, #68

Firmly on Knuckles' side, Relic prepared to confront Rouge and Omega despite her lack of combat ability, but Rouge surprised her by being reasonable and agreeing that Knuckles had a say despite Shadow's single-mindedness. Regrettably, the two women and their robot friends were then assault by Eclipse and his Dark Arms, who overpowered both the Team Dark members. Unable to fight them, Relic and Fixit could only watch as they escaped with the Master Emerald, though fortunately they were able to help Omega and Rouge get back on their feet. After contacting Shadow and Knuckles to alert them to the situation, they entered a hidden control room in order to activate the island's defenses and delay Eclipse long enough for the former foes to intercept him. Knuckles was forced to shatter the Master Emerald, but the island remained airborne as a result of the planet being split, and both the aliens and Team Dark subsequently departed. Despite the ordeals she had faced, Relic volunteered to remain on the island while Knuckles searched for the scattered pieces of the Master Emerald across the planet. (SU: #69, #70)

Later, Relic meets Amy Rose after the battle with Walter Naugus. After Knuckles revives the emerald, Relic departs for home. (SU: #90)


Relic is fascinated by ancient cultures, though not especially skilled in terms of technology whether modern or ancient. She possesses a wide store of knowledge on Mobian antiquity, but lacks any sort of combat ability. Despite this, she is a loyal friend to Knuckles and typically well-mannered, if at times overly enthusiastic. She is also a tad squeamish, as shown by the fact that she became visibly sick when Omega popped Rouge's dislocated shoulder back into place.


Relic is a teal-furred female Pika of average height for a Mobian, roughly equal to Knuckles', with brown eyes. She wears a shoulderless black bodysuit with a long, light-brown jacket and matching gloves, as well as white and brown shoes. Relic also wears a backpack matching her coat and a pair of purple spectacles, and has hair matching her fur that she keeps in a lock that sticks out from her forehead and in a bun at the back of her head.

Background Information

  • Relic was alluded to in SU #62, and almost immediately was suspected of being a new love interest for Knuckles to replace Julie-Su from the previous reality. Perhaps as a nod to this, several characters in the "Dark Trilogy" of Sonic Universe came to believe that Relic and Knuckles were a couple after learning about her.
  • Relic's age comes from Ian Flynn's confirmation that she is "older than Knuckles". As Knuckles is 16 years old, this would make her at least 16 or older.
  • Ian Flynn has stated that Relic and Fixit did not exist in the pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
  • According to Flynn, he envisions Relic as having a British accent.
  • The species of animal of which Relic is member, the Pika, is the same one that inspired the character Pikachu of the Pokémon franchise.
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