So I don't know if this bothers anybody else, but I've noticed a lot of redundancy in terms of categories on the Wiki lately. If that's confusing, let me explain:

Say we've got our boy Sonic the Hedgehog listed in the "Hedgehog" category, right? Well, the Hedgehog category is listed in the category "Mobians." Thing is, Sonic's already listed in the Mobians category. While I know this is technically accurate, it just feels...well, redundant. The Hedgehog category leads into Mobians, and so it seems excessive to include both on the same page.

This is just one example of a fairly common trend on the wiki. Anybody have any thoughts on the matter? I'm looking for anything-do you think it's fine, do you agree with me-I'll take it either way. It'd be a nice change from how everyone seems to either ignore what I say on subjects like this or at least doesn't find it worthy of commenting on.

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