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The Raiju Clan are a Clan of Mobian Lynxes and one of the four clans that took part in the Clan Wars. They are known for their violent, warlike ways and believe greatly in power and strength. With the downfall of the Iron Dominion, the Raiju became the most powerful force available in the Dragon Kingdom for the Eggman Empire's Dark Egg Legion program.


Ruled by Strength

The Raiju Clan always valued strength above anything else, favoring combat to diplomacy. Member Lightning Lynx embodied this philosophy, defeating the other members of his clan to prove his abilities as a warrior. However, one day he challenged the leader of his clan to a battle, hoping to earn her affections. Summarily defeated, he was exiled from the clan, eventually joining Mammoth Mogul's Fearsome Foursome. These events occurred as the Raiju Clan was at War with the rival Gossamer, Shinobi, and Yagyu Clans. (SU: #15, #31, StH: #201)

Iron Dominion

After the Iron King killed the Bride of Rich Nights, the Iron Queen took the credit for it and took the Yagyu Clan as her own. Following this the Raiju Clan and two other clans surrendered themselves to her control, becoming enforcers of the Iron Dominion. The clan's leader, the Bride of Conquering Storm, accompanied the Iron Dominion forces when they took over the Eggdome, but was soon sent back to the Dragon Kingdom to keep an eye on the other clans. (StH: #200, #201, #202)


Raiju ninja under attack.

The Raiju were entrusted with the Iron Fortress and attempted to stop Sally Acorn, Monkey Khan, Tails, Sonic the Hedgehog, Fiona Fox and the remaining members of the Destructix when they invaded, desiring to both get the clan to break its ties with the Dominion as well as get Lightning Lynx to rejoin them. Conquering Storm and Monkey Khan decided to settle the matter through a duel of honour, fought by Sonic and Lightning. Lightning lost, forcing Conquering Storm to announce that the clan would renounce the Iron Dominion; they would be allowed to keep the Iron Fortress as a stronghold. She banished Lightning from the clan at this point. However, she confided in one of her loyal ninja that she planned to allow the Iron Dominion to fall, leaving her clan to take control of the Dragon Kingdom. (SU: #15)

Legionization Dispute

Later, the Raiju would join the Eggman Empire, forming a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion in the Dragon Kingdom. The clan was resistant to the idea of installing Legionization devices and receiving implants on the premise of being strong enough already, though Eggman was insistent that they be legionized. Conquering Storm accepted cybernetic implants under the assumption it would be an acceptable compromise for both the clan and Eggman. However, the doctor remained adamant that the entire clan be legionized, and threatened to wipe them out if they continued to refuse. (StH: #218, SU: #39)

Background Information

  • Raijū means "thunder beast," and is a term used for a Japanese mythological creature. Given this clan's name, it seems possible that the members of the clan would all have storm-themed names like "Lightning."
  • Larry Lynx is the only prominently featured Mobian Lynx in the comics with no known ties to the Raiju Clan. Larry also differs design wise from the Raiju Clan members, possessing certain features more reminiscent of a house cat.

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