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Rabbot-Zilla terrorizing the populace

Rabbot-Zilla is an alternate version of Bunnie Rabbot from a version of Mobius in which Mobians are giant monsters created by weapons testing on a remote island. The goodly Mayor Kintobor developed a Roboticization virus to immobilize these monsters and prevent them from threatening the rest of the planet, but over time they developed an immunity. Rabbot-Zilla, only partially Roboticized and still capable of movement, attacked Kintopolis but was thwarted thanks to the intervention of Sonic the Hedgehog mere moments after he had been brought there from his own dimension by Zonic of the Zone Cops. Using his high speed, Sonic melted the tar beneath Rabbot-Zilla's feet, trapping her. (SSS: #12)

Background Information

  • Rabbot-Zilla's appearance and name are obviously based on that of the famous Godzilla.

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