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For further reading on Ra Moon outside of the "Worlds Collide" crossover, check out Mega Man Knowledgebase.

Ra Moon is a mysterious supercomputer located in the Lanfront Ruins on Earth in the Year 20XX. It was discovered by Dr. Wily when the scientist went to hide out there after his previous defeat at the hands of Mega Man.


Worlds Collide

Having discovered it some time previously, Wily had commanded Ra Moon to modify a Met for him to give it a rice cooker function, which Ra Moon was refusing to do, when Flash Man entered with the blue Chaos Emerald. Sensing its power, Ra Moon offered to "process" the gemstone for Wily, but was blown off. After Wily managed to contact Dr. Eggman and create the Skull Egg Zone, Ra Moon was amongst the resources utilized by the two doctors to create the Wily Egg. Like the rest of Earth's inhabitants, it was caught up in the effects of the second Genesis Wave, which created an altered timeline. According to Dr. Light, in this altered timeline Wily had attempted to control Ra Moon's power for his schemes, only to lose control. (MM: #24, StH: #250)

After Worlds Collide

After reality was restored to normal by Super Mega Man, Ra Moon attempted to take over the world, but was thwarted in its ambitions by Mega Man and destroyed. (MMA)

Background Information

  • Ra Moon is the primary antagonist of the Japan-exclusive Mega Man game Super Adventure Rockman. Archie's Mega Man series begins an adaptation of this game prior to that of the game Mega Man 3, which had yet to be adapted in the comic, which is why Ra Moon is able to appear in the crossover.

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