A Pursuit Drone in the field.

Pursuit Drones were robots designed to chase and hunt down moving targets for the Battle Bird Armada. The drones had a simple construction featuring bird-like frames with retractable wings that enabled them to fly at speeds comparable to Extreme Gear due to a single turbine engine built into their heads. They also had a laser array built into their optics as a primary weapon and operated upon voice command. (SU: #34)

The drones were built by Dr. Fukurokov in 3237 following the Aramda's retreat from Cocoa Island, and saw their first real field use when a pair were deployed along with Speedy and a detachment of troops to locate the source of a Babylonian energy signature detected in the Gigan Mountains. Upon finding the Babylon Rogues with the key to the Babylon Garden, Speedy then ordered the drones to chase after them. Though Fukurokov was confident his drones would make short work of the Rogues, the Battle Lord did not hide his lack of confidence in the slightest. His doubts were soon proven correct as Storm was able to blind one and destroy it, while Wave easily took out the second one by pulling out a central connection pin that caused the entire drone to fall apart, leaving Dr. Fukurokov to realize the shortcomings of his designs too late and struggling to save face in front of his Lord's mounting anger. (SU: #33, #34)

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