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Professor Von Schlemmer
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Professor Von Schlemmer is an apparently Human scientist native to Silver's time period. He is a member of the Onyx City Science Center who has been researching the Genesis Portals.


Silver's Ally

Professor Von Schlemmer discovered the existence of the Genesis Portals, which were created by the same energies that brought about the Shattered World Crisis 200 years prior. After stumbling upon Silver the Hedgehog practicing his telekinetic abilities, the impressed scientist knew he'd be valuable to his research, proved all the more when the hedgehog used his power to close a Genesis Portal that has materialised near them. Silver was reluctant however, and as a result the professor had to forcebly bring Silver to the Onyx City Science Center himself. (SU: #79, #80)




Von Schlemmer is a brilliant scientist with a strong moral sense, as indicated by his insistence upon Silver closing the Genesis Portals. Unfortunately, his regard for the fate of the universe at one point convinced him that it was worth press-ganging Silver into service despite the hedgehog's fears. He also speaks with a slight German accent, such as saying "vun" instead of "one".

Background Information

  • Prof. Von Schlemmer first appeared as a reoccurring character in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. In the show, he was more goofy in both appearance and personality. He was also a resident of Sonic's time rather than living in the future.
  • Despite appearing human, the professor's skin color is an unusual shade of turquoise. It is unknown if this is a mutation of some sort, or the results of his cybernetic implants.