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Princess Undina
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #271

Biographical information
  • Deena
  • Miss Deena

Princess of Meropis



Physical description


Political Alignment and Abilities
Princess Undina is the princess of Meropis.



In the past, Undina studied to become the priestess of the Eusebes Shrine. However, another candidate, Coral the Betta, ended up being chosen over her. (StH: #261; SU: #91)

Undina eventually left Meropis to study in Spagonia, before deciding instead to go travel the world. During her trip, Undina met Honey the Cat in Empire City and decided to model some clothing she designed. Undina also watched the Chaos Emerald Championship before leaving to continue her worldwide travels, visiting other cities such as Shamar and Adabat. Unfortunately, the princess was apparently kidnapped by pirates who held her for ransom. (StH: #271, #278, #285; SU: #91)

The Pirate Princess

Background Information

  • Undina's name is derived from the mythical Undine, a water nymph in Greek mythology.
    • Despite debuting much earlier, her actual name was not revealed until the previews for Sonic Universe #94 were released.

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