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Princess Elise
First Appearance


Elise has only been mentioned in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia
Biographical information


  • Duke of Soleanna (Father) †
  • Princess of Soleanna.
  • Human/Overlander
Physical description


  • Red Hair
  • Light Peach Skin
  • Blue Eyes
  • White dress with feather trim
  • Red high heels
  • Pantyhose
  • White evening gloves with feather trims
  • Earrings
  • Gem necklace
  • Feather crown
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Leadership Skills
  • Force Field

Princess Elise, also known as Princess Elise the Third is the ruler of the city-state of Soleanna. As the leader, she is allied with the United Federation. She once encountered Sonic and friends in an adventure that was ultimately erased from the timeline.



Princess Elise is the only daughter of the Duke of Soleanna. Her mother died shortly after her birth, an event that which saddened Elise deeply. Experiments on the Flames of Hope, conducted by the Duke, were intended to allow time travel to let Elise and her father to see her again, as well as allow humanity to correct its past sins. (CSE, VG: S06)

Seven years later however, the project became unstable and the machine they were using exploded, and the flame was split into two villainous forms; Iblis, Solaris' raw power, and Mephiles, his conscious mind. Elise was present when the machine exploded, but was protected by her father who used himself as a human shield to protect her from the worst of it, leaving himself mortally wounded in the process, though she was knocked unconscious, she was carried through the research facility by the her father searching for the parts of Solaris. Silver, who had time-traveled with a Chaos Control back to find out what had happened during the Solaris Project, who had paralyzed Iblis with his psychokinesis. The Duke was forced to seal Iblis within Elise's soul, as only one of the royal family could contain this being and keep it at bay, he succeeded in sealing Iblis within Elise who was then entrusted to Silver by the Duke and told him take her to a safe place. With his dying words, Elise was told by her father to be brave and not to cry no matter what happens (as her tears and despair could release Iblis from within her). (CSE, VG: S06)

Eggman and Sonic

Ten years later, the now-seventeen Elise and the denizens of Soleanna were celebrating the Festival of the Sun. While lighting the torch which appeared to be the main focus of the festival, Elise had a vision of Iblis encasing Soleanna in flame, as she snapped back to reality and opened the festival, she was attacked by Dr. Eggman, however at the same time Sonic arrived, whom Elise mistook for Silver at first. Sonic destroyed a few of Eggman's robots and escaped with her. Eggman sent several more robots after them and Elise was captured while Sonic was distracted, though Elise managed to give Sonic the Blue Chaos Emerald that Silver had given her before Eggman took off. (CSE, VG: S06)

Background Information