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Prelate m

Prelate-M is a Prelate created by Enerjak from Dark Mobius. Prelate-M was created from the Core of an alternate reality counterpart of Mighty the Armadillo. When Silver the Hedgehog arrived in its native zone, Prelate-M attacked him with the aid of five other Chaotix-based Prelates. At one point Prelate-M tried to smash Silver where he laid by slamming an overturned car on top him, but the time-traveler countered with his telekinesis before it could finish the act. When an attempt to crush Silver failed, M and the others gave pursuit, but were distracted by the Freedom Fighters. Prelate-M was then knocked offline and destroyed down to its core by Blockbuster Polar Bear when he pounded it into the concrete with a single massive punch. M was later resummoned by Enerjak to battle the rebels again after their base was leveled and tackled Blockbuster in retribution before going after Dagger Walrus. As the battle waged on, M went back to fghting Blockbuster and was slowly overpowered by him before being destroyed by Jani-Ca. Silver then collected its Core with the others in his aura, but Enerjak stole back the cores soon after. (SU: #25, #26, #27)

Background Information

  • When Prelate-M is formed from his core and fires his eye-lasers, he makes a sound similar to Mighty's name: "MHZT!"
  • Prelate-M is shown to have incredible strength just as Mighty possesses since it can toss away full-sized vehicles with the greatest of ease. Given that other Prelates have demonstrated enhanced strength as well, it is uncertain whether M has even greater strength at its disposal or if it is equally strong as a given trait to all Prelates.

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