Prelate-JS was a Prelate created by Enerjak from Dark Mobius using the Core of Julie-Su. Unlike many of his other Prelates, Enerjak kept Prelate-JS out of previous battles with the resistance as he wanted to save her for a "special occasion." After Enerjak destroyed the secret base of Freedom Fighters, he summoned JS to fight alongside the rest of the Chaotix Prelates and commemorate the rebels' final stand, which caused much rage in her own daughter Jani-Ca. However this did nothing to deter JS from leaping into battle at her, forcing Jani-Ca to fight her with the Sword of Acorns. As the battle waged on, Jani-Ca spoke to it thinking that her mother might be able to somehow hear her from inside, promising that she would save her. Before Jani-Ca could deliver the killing blow though, Silver interrupted the fight, and froze JS with his power so Jani-Ca could go help her team. Once the fight ended, Jani-Ca destroyed the immobile JS so Silver could add her core to the others he rescued from Enerjak, but the demi-god stole them all back not long after. (SU: #26, #27)

Background Information

  • When Prelate-JS is formed from her core she makes a sound similar to Julie-Su's name: "JUSU!"
  • Prelate-JS resembles Shade the Echidna's fully armored form in terms of color scheme and glowing pink/purple highlights. Ironically, Shade is suspected to have been based off Julie-Su, the original form of Prelate-JS.

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