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Prehistoric Freedom Fighters

The Prehistoric Freedom Fighters in Prehistoric Mobius.

Prehistoric Mobius is a zone which is a prehistoric version of Mobius Prime, known for its volcanic activity, absence of large plant life, and Stone Age-level society. Inhabited by mobosaurs and primitive Mobians and Overlanders, its most notable inhabitants are Ivo Robughnik and the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters. It was briefly visited by Sonic the Hedgehog after he was sent there by one of Dr. Robotnik's traps, and his help got the Freedom Fighters moving along the path to independence in their dangerous world. (StH: #12)


Background Information

  • While implied to be Mobius' past, this prehistoric world contradicts the Xorda's recollection of how Mobians came to exist on the planet in StH: #125. However, given that the Xorda's recollection of the past was heavily flawed (as revealed in StH: #165), it could've easily taken place during the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds.

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