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Pirate Island

The Sol Pirate stronghold.

Pirate Island was an island in the Sol Zone. It was the location of stronghold for the Sol Zone Pirates led by Captain Metal and was also inhabited by a group of tribal Sprockets.


Captain Metal made his way to this island on the vessel of Doc Ratcheturn, and promptly challenged Boltbeard for leadership of the resident pirates. Overcoming his foe and rebuilding himself with Boltbeard's parts, Metal quickly turned the island into his fortress, tormenting the local Sprockets and leaving the remains of his defeated enemies strewn around as trophies of his victories. Eventually he and his crew found a massive vessel and brought it there for repairs, dubbing it the Egg o' War. They later returned here after capturing Blaze the Cat and one of the Sol Emeralds, intending to use the gem to power the Egg o' War. However, they were unknowingly followed by Blaze's friends Marine the Raccoon and the members of Team Rose, who were aided initially by Dolphins and then by the Sprocket Chief and his people in finding Blaze. After showing Blaze his vessel and announcing his plans for interdimensional conquest, Metal prepared to feed her to the Kraken, only for the Emerald to be stolen by Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite. (SU: #56)

The island was then invaded by Johnny of Captain Whisker's crew, who stole the Emerald from the would-be thieves and made his way back to Captain Whisker's Ship. Metal released the Kraken to pursue him and the fleeing heroes, who stole the Metal Marauder, and followed himself in his submarine. He managed to recapture the Emerald and Blaze, and returned with them to the Egg o' War, which he then launched. However, the ship was brought down by Burning Blaze, and Metal's lackeys Swash and Buckle were forced to return home by walking on the seafloor. (SU: #57, #58)

Background Information

  • Pirate Island is similar to the Sonic Rush Adventure level Pirates' Island, which serves as Whiskers' base. However, the pair are most likely different, as Pirates' Island was covered in ancient ruins while Pirate Island is mostly jungle.

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