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Paladin was a young Overlander boy who lived before the period of the Great War. Paladin left his city and crossed the Badlands to do some target shooting with his revolver. Having obtained a gun, he wandered into Kingdom of Acorn territory and was playing around with it. While doing so, he met young Emerson Acorn, the Kingdom's prince and son of Theodore Acorn at Roundabout Creek. He attempted to befriend the young Mobian, but Emerson was unnerved by his gun. Paladin demonstrated his shooting by hitting a branch of the tree above him, intriguing the young Mobian. He let Emerson try to shoot a branch himself, but the recoil knocked the young prince on his back. Paladin then sought to show off his ability by shooting something challenging, something that moves, and he took aim at a nearby bird. When Paladin attempted to shoot the bird, Emerson jumped in the way of the shot before his friend pulled the trigger, and was mortally wounded and killed. Shocked by what he had unintentionally done, Paladin fled, leaving Emerson's body to be found by his father and other searchers. (StH: #72)


  • Paladin is named after a paladin, which was a knight from the court of Charlemagne, according to the Matter of France. In popular culture, the term refers to any holy knight of great virtue.

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