Overland was a region of Mobius which was the home of the barbaric Overlanders, humans that had been mutated due to the Xorda's Gene Bombs from their gene-bomb attack millenia ago. Overland was home to two major Overlander cities; Mega Central and Megapolis. Overland bordered the Kingdom of Acorn's territory through the Badlands, a marshy region. After the Great War, Overland became incredibly isolationist. The people of Mega Central were completely unaware that their own former citizen, Julian Kintobor of the House of Ivo, was the "dreaded Dr. Robotnik" even ten years after he took over the planet. The city of Megapolis had also become vacant when its inhabitents took off into space after the Great War to colonize a new world what remained after joined the United Federation. (StH: #65, #71, #72, #125, #148, SSS: #6)

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