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First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #280

Biographical information



Gaia Key Guardian



Physical description


  • Hair: Gray
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Glasses
  • Olive drab sweater vest
  • Sunglow shirt
  • Russet pants
  • Brown shoes
  • Brown cane
Political Alignment and Abilities

Otto is a resident of Spagonia, the landlord of the student apartment building at Spagonia University and an old friend of Professor Dillon Pickle. In addition, he is the Guardian of a Gaia Key, which are essential to access the Gaia Temple.


During the Shattered World Crisis, Otto gave his Gaia Key to Sally and Rotor of the Knothole Freedom Fighters so they could restore the planet. Otto then had an argument with Pickle, who felt he had kept him in the dark on his studies. Rotor ended the argument by raising his voice, making both men realise how foolish they were being. Otto then offered Pickle to talk about his family history over cucumber sandwiches, before telling the Freedom Fighters who had the other Gaia Key.

External Links

  • Otto at Sonic News Network

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