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Original Freedom Fighters
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #142

Form of Group and Statistics

Freedom Fighter group



Resident location 

Knothole Village


The Original Freedom Fighters were the role models of young Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn. They organized the evacuation during Dr. Ivo Robotnik's takeover of Mobotropolis, and they organized the building of Knothole Village. However, they were betrayed by one of their own, Private Trey Scales. In a characteristic move, Robotnik roboticized Scales along with the group and threw them all into the Zone of Silence.


Formation and Early Campaigns

During Robotnik's takeover of Mobotropolis, Tig Stripe - a retired colonel from the Great War - had many of the non-captured Mobians escape to the shelter of Knothole where they would be safe from Robotnik's SWATbot army, realizing there was no way to succeed in defending the city. After arriving in Knothole, Tig Stripe was joined by Sir Peckers, Spot Long, Trey Scales and MP Bull Bones who would act as the village's leadership. (StH: #142)


Early campaigns of the Original Freedom Fighters

After establishing housing and a village for those who managed to escape Mobotropolis, the five convened over how to go about dealing with the looming threat of Robotnik's empire. MP Bull Bones demanded they attempt to strike back as soon as possible, but Tig Stripe and Sir Peckers disagreed, stating there was no way to fight a full-scale war, as they lacked the resources and man power. However, Tig Stripe responded, saying, "If there is one thing that rings true to my heart, it's that doing nothing while evil exists is the worst crime of all", and proposed the five of them form a unit using guerrilla warfare. The four others agreed, forming the original Freedom Fighter group. (StH: #142)

From then on, the Original Freedom Fighters began raiding and sabotaging various factories in Robotropolis, stealing various resources from the city, and luring SWATbots into the forest where they would trap and destroy them. At one point the group even rescued Sonic from the border of Robotropolis when he was seven years of age. As time went on, the Original Freedom Fighters posed a larger problem for Robotnik. (StH: #142)

Demise and Legacy

When Sir Peckers received word of what had become of King Max, the group decided it was necessary to attempt to rescue him. While in Robotropolis, the group's location was given to Robotnik by Trey Scales, who had been bribed by Robotnik to betray the group. However, Robotnik ended up sending Trey into the same trap as the rest of his group and proceed to roboticize them all. Following their roboticization, Robotnik sent them into the Zone of Silence. (StH: #143)

Despite their defeat, the Original Freedom Fighters inspired Sonic, Sally and their friends to go on and forge the Knothole Freedom Fighters when they were young children, and continue to fight for freedom from Robotnik's tyranny. (StH: #143, SSS: #5)

Background Information

  • Due to the extremely popular reception of fans to Tig Stripe, writer Ian Flynn considered bringing the character back. Ultimately this never went through, and he has since given up on the idea. Furthermore, in his Q&A, Flynn stated that the Original Freedom Fighters -along with other contents/residents of the Zone of Silence and Void-were reduced to nothing and used by Feist as building material for the Special Zone, meaning that the Original Freedom Fighters are deceased, and now because of the Penders case, they will never return and may have not even existed. (1)
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