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Orbot and Cubot are Dr. Eggman's robotic lackeys in the Sonic Boom Zone.


The Big Boom

When Dr. Eggman was having his breakfast served in his lair, Orbot answered the door when someone was calling. There, Orbot and Cubot met Knuckles who wanted to join the doctor. With their new ally, Orbot and Cubot accompanied Eggman on his attack on Bygone Island where they helped stow away Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Sticks the Badger in the Big Boy mech's cargo hold after Knuckles and Eggman had encaged them. On their way to attack the village however, Orbot, Cubot, and Eggman were betrayed by Knuckles who threw Orbot and Cubot away when they tried to protect Eggman. The duo later asked Team Sonic for a lift home after Eggman was beaten, to which Knuckles complied to by throwing them out to Eggman as he retreated. (SB: #1, #2)

Back in Dr. Eggman's Lair, Orbot and Cubot were assigned to repair the Big Boy. There, Orbot found Cubot inside the Big Boy, fooling around with the Piko Hammer, which had been stuck. Orbot insisted they give the hammer to Eggman, but when Cubot refused to hand it over, they began fighting over it, which Orbot quickly wanted for himself too. However, their fight trashed the Big Boy as it took off, and when they lost the grip on the Piko Hammer, it ricocheted away while making the Big Boy fall apart. The robots soon found Eggman amongst the parts and tried explaining themselves. After repairing and upgrading the Big Boy again, Orbot and Cubot accompanied Eggman as he when out for his appointed battle with Team Sonic. While fighting, Eggman contemplated on going home after several humiliations, until Orbot and Cubot restored his resolve. However, Sticks used the Rock of Justice on the Big Boy which ricocheted into the mech and destroyed it from the inside. Orbot and Cubot therefore retreated back to the lair with Eggman, where Eggman revealed to them that he had another creation ready for Team Sonic. (SB: #3, #4)

Boom Shaka-laka and Worlds Unite

As Eggman sought to get the villagers' trust for future schemes, Orbot provided the doctor with several suggestions which culminated in the Eggtoberfest meant to buy the villagers' trust with. Though Orbot and Cubot helped Eggman run the Eggtoberfest, the carnival was laid to waste when Eggman unleashed his army on the villagers, which was stopped by Team Sonic. With Eggman's plan ruined, Orbot and Cubot tried cheering him up. A short while later, when Eggman enacted his scheme to get Team Sonic's bio-data for Project Hodge Podge during the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, Orbot and Cubot joined as participants to aid Eggman. In the race, Orbot tried running Tails off the road with Cubot, but the duo ended up hitting each other. They quickly started fighting over who was at fault, which made them crash while their master lost the race to Sonic despite getting his data. (SB: #5, #6, #7)

Boom Orbot and Cubot Forced to Help

Orbot and Cubot forced to help Team Sticks and the Maverick Hunters.

Shortly after the race, Orbot and Cubot got back to Eggman's lair where they met Team Sticks and the Maverick Hunters and tried to make them leave. Threatened into submission by Zero, they agreed to help them by using a machine made by Eggman to create a Genesis Portal to their destination. The duo's encounter with the group would be erased when Xander Payne rewrote history. (SB: #8, MM: #52)

In the weeks that followed Orbot's assistance with Eggman's Mebot, he and Cubot brought the doctor a gorilla he had ordered. However, Orbot and Cubot snuck away when the gorilla went berserk until Sonic took care of it. To Orbot's frustration though, Eggman had him later order another gorilla. Orbot and Cubot continued to wait on Eggman until the new gorilla arrived, whom beat up Eggman as well, while Orbot and Cubot watched. (SB: #11)


Orbot has a polished demeanor which goes along with his smooth surface. While not perfect of character, he is loyal by default. He speaks calmly, formally, and without a filter. He is honest to a fault and offers unsolicited, withering assessments of his master.

Compared to Orbot, Cubot has a rough-edged personality. While not perfect of character, he is loyal by default. He is very dim-witted and slow on the uptake.

Background Information

  • Orbot and Cubot are the only characters featured in Sonic Boom to have previously appeared in other Sonic media without being redesigned.

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