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Orbot and Cubot
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Dr. Eggman

Physical description
  • Colour: Red (Orbot) Yellow (Cubot)
  • Serial Number: SA-55 (Orbot) IDI-07 (Cubot)
Political Alignment and Abilities

Orbot and Cubot (model numbers SA-55 and IDI-07, respectively) are orb and cube shaped robot lackeys of Dr. Eggman. Orbot is known for his sarcastic attitude towards their creator, while Cubot is most famous for a malfunctioning vocal processor


Activation and Service to Evil


Eggman activates the duo for the first time.

Orbot were stored aboard the Death Egg Mark 2 until Eggman activated them when Snively made his move against their creator. Once they hacked into the Eggnet, Orbot discovered Snively was responsible for locking them out, which included a message to the entire Dark Egg Legion telling the Eggman Empire had fallen. Despite Orbot and Cubot's concerns over running on reserve power, they complied with Eggman's orders and beamed in the Grandmasters for an emergency meeting. Once they were assembled there, Orbot and Cubot served refreshments, much to Eggman's chagrin. With the meeting over, Orbot and Cubot joined Eggman and Mecha Sally aboard the Egg 'Stache Flyer and began their hunt for Snively while Orbot pointed out the tracker on Snively's Egg Jet had strangely not been disabled. Orbot and Cubot were each stationed aboard one of the Egg Camels deployed alongside Eggman's in the invasion of Central City, but later recalled when Snively was detected leaving the area. (SU: #37, #38)

After tracking Snively to the Dragon Kingdom, Orbot and Cubot joined Eggman on his tour of the Raiju Clan's Iron Fortress, and were thus present when their master ordered the Bride of the Conquering Storm and her clan to submit to Legionization. They then accompanied him to confront Snively, who have freed Regina Ferrum and gained possession of the mighty Iron Oni battle suit. After Orbot pointed out that Snively seemed to have the upper hand, he and Cubot were ordered to get Eggman a mech with which to combat the Iron Oni while Eggman stalled for time. The pair debated the matter, with Cubot feeling that any mech would do the job but Orbot recognizing that Eggman would want something suited to his flair for drama. They eventually produced the Egg Beater II, and Eggman proved victorious. After appointing Regina as the new head of the Eurish Dark Egg Legion and gloating to an imprisoned Snively, Eggman made Orbot and Cubot his full-time lackeys. (SU: #39, #40)

Orbot and Cubot later watched with Eggman as his Egg SWATs captured the residents of Furville for Legionization and Roboticization. When Orbot questioned why he wasn't going to Roboticize them all, Eggman revealed that the effects of the first Genesis Wave had in fact only rendered half the planet's population susceptible to the process. They then bore witness as Team Fighters, born from the breakup of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, came to the rescue of Furville's citizens. Eggman quickly directed their course to Soumerca, where Orbot and Cubot were forced to cut him off during a transmission to Grandmasters Drago Wolf and Razorklaw of the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion due to dwindling supplies. The Death Egg later made its way to New Mobotropolis, where Orbot was soon forced to report that Team Freedom was keeping the invasion force at bay. Team Metal was deployed in response, but Orbot soon reported their destruction while Cubot noted that Mecha Sally was returning from a failed mission of her own. Orbot took the opportunity to remind Eggman that their repair work on the Death Egg at the Lost Temple of Shazamazon had been incomplete, and Eggman reluctantly ordered their departure. (StH: #236, #237, #240)

Fleeing across the Mobian Sea with Team Fighters in hot pursuit, Eggman had Orbot deploy various robots against them while he looked for a more permanent solution to the problem. Cubot found a probable answer in the form of a Krudzu Hybrid Hydra sprig, which Eggman allowed to assimilate a Titan Metal Sonic he had not yet completed. Orbot questioned the move given that Eggman had previously destroyed the Hydra for trying to kill Sonic, but Eggman replied that "This time it serves my purposes!" The Death Egg then stopped briefly over Albion before changing course to head for the Northern Tundra. Some time after these events, Orbot and Cubot opened a channel for Eggman to address his worldwide forces. In the midst of his tirade, the transmission made a connection to another world-that of Earth 20XX. This transmission led to an alliance between Eggman and the like-minded scientist Dr. Wily of that world, and the two joined forces in preparing to launch the second Genesis Wave from their Skull Egg Zone. (StH: #241; MM: #24)

Along the way, Eggman discovered the existence of Shard the Metal Sonic, and had Orbot, Cubot, and Mecha Sally assist him in the reconstruction of his own robot to destroy this new threat. The upgrade included improved free will programming-which Orbot questioned the need for given the presence of Mecha Sally-and the installation of a Power Gem-which Orbot balked at since it was Eggman's last one. Metal Sonic soon needed to be rebuilt again, something that Orbot and Cubot had made a bet on that Cubot lost. They then watched as Metal Sonic departed for the Interdimensional Gateway. When the Death Egg was later invaded at the tundra by Team Fighters, Silver the Hedgehog, and the Arctic Freedom Fighters, Orbot and Cubot reported it and the ensuing damage to Eggman. In response, he had them prepare the gateway for his own use, and the second Genesis Wave soon washed across Mobius... (StH: #247; SU: #50)


While Orbot is loyal to Dr. Eggman, he is sarcastic and often insults the doctor. Despite this, he is the more intelligent of the pair of robots, and fully grasps his creator's personality.

Cubot is less serious than Orbot, though still competent. While he is loyal to Eggman, he often annoys him. His personality can also be affected by whatever accent he currently has.

List of Cubot's Accents

Background Information

  • Orbot first appeared in Sonic Unleashed and first appeared in his current design in Sonic Colors, which was also the debut of Cubot. Alternate versions of them were introduced in the Sonic Colors adapt story featured in StH: #219.
  • Orbot's model number "SA-55" is a pun on the word 'sass', a word which fits Orbot's personality. Cubot's number, "IDI-07", is a similar pun based on idiot.
  • Unlike their video game counterparts, Orbot and Cubot don't seem to float in the air very often while moving or standing. Instead they usually stay on the ground and hop to where they need to go.

Off Panel

Orbot and Cubot have both appeared in a number of Off Panel strips for the series. This began in SU #37, where the pair were remembered by Eggman as part of a set that also included a robot named Conebot.