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Operation Conquest Plans

Snively planning Operation: Conquest.

Operation: Conquest is a secret operation orchestrated by Dr. Julian Snively. The exact details are unknown, but the project apparently involves the Space Colony ARK, 14 satellites, and the Master Emerald. By the time of Team Dark's arrival on Angel Island in search of Eclipse the Darkling and the Dark Arms, he had already gained control of the first two elements of his plan. He also suggested moving the Master Emerald to a G.U.N. facility in hopes of gaining the jewel's power for his plan. (SU: #68)

Unfortunately for Julian, the plan hit a snag when Knuckles the Echidna was forced to shatter the Master Emerald in order to prevent Eclipse and his minions from harnessing its power. Until Knuckles has retrieved the scattered shards, Julian's plans have been effectively put on hold. (SU: #70)

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