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Operation: Clean Sweep was a devastating plot of Dr. Eggman following his recovery from insanity, to counter-act the "chaos factor" of Sonic the Hedgehog. This entailed the altering of space-time with Chaos energy, to create a reset reality that would leave the entire planet of Mobius prone to complete Roboticization by the Death Egg Mark 2. This energy release was known as the Genesis Wave. The new reality was unstable though, and threatened to destroy the entire Prime Zone until it was returned to normal, whereupon Robotnik attempted to Roboticize the planet regardless. This however resulted in the Death Egg suffering heavy damage, along with the roboticization of Princess Sally Acorn, making for a mixed success at best.


An Insane Idea

Th DrIvoRobotnik-1-2-

Eggman startles his nephew.

While imprisoned in New Mobotropolis' detention facility, Dr. Eggman overcame his madness and theorized that due to Sonic's extensive exposure to Chaos energy, the hedgehog had become the embodiment of Chaos, a living unknown factor. No matter how ingenious Robotnik's plans were, or how far he calculated and planned, Sonic would stop him at the last minute in every single scenario. Essentially, as long as Robotnik was in Mobius Prime, Sonic would always win. Once Snively broke Eggman out as the Iron Dominion's occupation of the city fell apart, they retreated to the EggDome with the Dark Egg Legion, and he began to formulate Operation: Clean Sweep. (StH: #210, #211)

Plans and Preparations

After this, Eggman had other Legion chapters across Mobius mobilize with projects of their own. The chapter of the Northern Tundra, established a "mind control totem" to hypnotize the population of Iceborough to work for them and build what appeared to be a gigantic fueling station. The totem was destroyed by Rotor Walrus and Silver the Hedgehog, while aiding Sonic and the Arctic Freedom Fighters, but its true purpose remained a mystery to them. Outside of Sand Blast City, the local chapter of former Robians ran and protected the Oil Ocean Refinery from being taken over by the Sand-Blasters. The refinery was rendered useless from a battle that followed when Sonic and Bunnie went to investigate, but it was indicated the refinery had been meant to serve as a refueling station for some kind of large aircraft. (StH: #215, #216, #217, #218)

All the while, Eggman, Snively, and their Legionnaires set to work at a feverish pace over the following weeks, making repairs and modifying the EggDome. Once the repairs were finished, Eggman and Snively obtained a Chaos Emerald from the Special Zone to provide power for his new base and weapon: the Death Egg Mark 2. Manned by the doctor and Snively with the Legionnaires serving as the bridge crew, it was launched on the day of Ixis Naugus and Geoffrey St. John's arrival in New Mobotropolis. While Sonic and Naugus were engaged in combat at Castle Acorn, the new Death Egg blasted off and appeared over the city. (StH: #212, #223, #224, FCDS: #4, #5)

The Death Egg Mark II

The Freedom Fighters, St. John, and Naugus then called a truce and traveled into the sky to waylay Dr. Eggman and stop whatever he intended to do with the Death Egg. While their friends were held back by its defense array, Sonic, Sally, and Nicole boarded the Death Egg through the hole they used to enter the EggDome during their invasion mission with the Chaotix. Once inside, they tried to locate Dr. Eggman before he could utilize the Death Egg, but were stopped by a new and improved Silver Sonic. Instead of ignoring the robot, Sonic thought it would be fun to defeat it, disregarding the mission at hand. Sally decided to go ahead and find Eggman alone while Sonic fought Silver Sonic as Eggman announced over a PA system that he was about to fire the weapon. However, Sally ran into a concealed turret, and supposedly shot dead with the gunfire catching Sonic's attention. With a press of the button from Eggman, a flash of white light emanated from the Death Egg, washing the entire planet in white. As everything faded away, a horrified Sonic noticed that Sally had fallen. (StH: #199, #225)

Phase One

Using the Death Egg's weapon, Dr. Eggman managed to alter reality, nullifying all of the Freedom Fighter's progress for more than the past decade. This resulted in a changed and defenseless Mobius that was easy to exploit. In this new reality, Eggman and Snively quickly took control of various untamed regions and territories by establishing bases and factories in them. They also started capturing large numbers of the different Mobini species everywhere they went, and placed them inside Eggman's Badnik robots as power sources. (StH: #226)


Eggman observes his plan's progress.

However, Eggman and Snively had both been affected by the weapon as well and lost their memories, unsure of what their plan had been or even the purpose behind the Death Egg. All they could remember was that whatever they did before had severely drained the battle station of its power reserves, and it would take time for it to be recharged, even with the Chaos Emeralds they somehow gathered. Eventually they began to remember the old reality they changed, which was the cause for the numerous dimensional disturbances they were experiencing, but Eggman remained confident his "robotizing" weapon would secure both space-time and his victory once fired. (StH: #226, #228, #229)

Besides these setbacks, there was one other problem that would prove fatal to Robotnik's plans—Sonic had been brought into this new world as well, along with a few of the other Freedom Fighters, though suffering the same amnesia effect like the doctor and Snively. As Sonic ran through the Green Hill Zone, he felt as though he had blanked out for a second, which was the sudden disruption in reality, but still saved the captured animals of the zone from Snively in a natural fashion. Sonic then freed Sally, "Boomer", and Antoine "DePardieu", whom he had no memory of meeting before, and the four heroes joined forces to find the source of the animal kidnappings, as well as the weird tremors that were occurring. After encountering Robotnik in the Marble Zone, they traced him back through the Labyrinth Zone to the Scrap Brain Zone, where the Freedom Fighters supposedly defeated the doctor. Robotnik survived however, and began to recall his past with Sonic as part of some great "logic puzzle", for which he attempted to work out an answer. (StH: #226, #227, #228)


The Freedom Fighters shut down the Oil Ocean Zone.

Afterwards, Sonic introduced his "new" friends to his sidekick Tails, who joined the group as they traveled through the Chemical Plant Zone in order to take down Robotnik's support and leave him powerless. The group slowly made progress though, and Sonic realized that their plan would take forever. After experiencing a sudden flashback of memories from the old reality, he and Tails decided to leave the group to confront Eggman head on while Sally, Boomer, and Antoine navigated the Oil Ocean Zone alone and cut off his fuel supplies. After encountering Robotnik in the Metropolis Zone, Sonic began to remember more memories from another past. Robotnik acknowledged Sonic was beginning to remember the "other reality", and then fled in his shuttle to the Death Egg. Sonic gave chase and flew up to Robotnik's escape shuttle in Tails' Tornado, just managing to grab on in time to hitch a ride. (StH: #228, #229)

Once onboard the Death Egg, Sonic saw the planet appeared to be shaking itself apart. Robotnik confirmed this, explaining Mobius' true reality was fighting back to restore itself from the one he created, but that "robotizing" the planet would be able to stop it. While fighting Sonic in his Giant Mech, Dr. Eggman explained he realized that in that reality, Sonic would always stop him, so the Chaos factor should be eliminated if he changed reality, and Sonic would not be able to win. However, even after the dimensional change, Robotnik still found himself being confronted by Sonic, intent on ruining his plans. During Eggman's ranting, Sonic attempted to fight back, but was overpowered by the mech and about to be crushed. As the doctor mentioned the Death Egg was powered by the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic then grabbed a power line and turned into Super Sonic by absorbing the energy in it, saving himself at the last minute. With space-time breaking down rapidly, Super Sonic quickly defeated Dr. Eggman's mech and absorbed as much Chaos energy as possible from the exposed wires, and then performed Chaos Control to restore reality. This resulted in the white-out effect occurring once again as the alternate Mobius vanished away into nothingness. (StH: #229)

Phase Two

With reality restored, the temporal transition allowed time to go back ten seconds, enabling Sonic to rescue Sally before the turret could kill her. With Silver Sonic believed defeated, they headed to the lower decks where they found a giant Roboticizer that Eggman explained he would use to roboticize the whole world. Sonic laughed at this as he reminded Eggman that when the Bem deroboticized all the Robians, they made it permanent. However, Eggman explained that because he reset reality, the immunity placed by the Bem was now gone and everything could be roboticized again. Even if that part of his plan would fail, Eggman still had a secondary purpose for using the world-Roboticizer. Due to how the machine operated, everything already mechanical would explode, allowing Eggman to destroy all of the United Federation, G.U.N., and New Mobotropolis, even if it meant killing his entire Dark Egg Legion. (StH: #230)


A simulation of the Roboticizer's secondary purpose.

As Sonic tried to strike down Robotnik, he was stopped by the arrival of a new Metal Sonic and the return of the damaged-but-still-deadly Silver Sonic, and a very lopsided battle ensued as Sonic bought Sally time for her to disable the roboticizer. Beneath the weapon's chamber, NICOLE revealed to Sally that due to the security programs, the only option available in the time left would be to invert the beam to Sally's exact spot. Sally agreed to this, allowing NICOLE to reprogram the weapon after securing her core files in the city, and as Eggman commanded it to fire, the roboticizer blew up, destroying itself and severely damaging the Death Egg. (StH: #230)

Contingency Plans

Discovering they were still flesh and blood, Sonic proclaimed to a frustrated Eggman that he had won again and the doctor's plan a failure, even after he changed reality. However they both received a shock, much to Sonic's horror and Robotnik's delight, as Mecha Sally emerged from the wreckage and grabbed the distraught hedgehog by his throat. Wanting to enjoy this turn of events, Eggman then had Mecha Sally release Sonic through a garbage chute, and relayed orders to the bridge to destoy New Mobotroplis while his nemesis was still in free-fall. (StH: #230, #231)


Dr. Eggman attempts to destroy New Mobotropolis as he retreats.

Upon hearing from Snively that the Chaos Emerald had vanished though, the doctor realized they had no choice and called a full retreat. Eggman then launched "Project: Titan" and "Project: Deadly Cuddles" into the city as distractions and returned to the command deck. As they fell back, the doctor put their remaining power into the Egg Annihilator Beam, and with some coaxing through Mecha Sally, had Snively fire onto New Mobotropolis. While the parting shot did succeed in shooting down the Tornado and Freedom Fighter Special, the city was spared as Ixis Naugus took control of Titan with his Ixis Magicks, and had his new crystal golem block the shot at the cost of its own destruction. Though he had not eliminated his foes, Eggman felt he had struck a critical blow to them with his plan, and the Death Egg Mark 2 retreated in a somewhat victorious defeat as it was in no condition to continue the fight. (StH: #231)

Post-Clean Sweep Effects

The following is a list of known impacts seen despite the reversal of Operation: Clean Sweep.

  • The spirits inside Ixis Naugus were reawakened and began to haunt him. (StH: #231)
  • The Chaos Emerald that was used during this plan is transported to Mega Man's world of Earth 20XX. (MM: #24)

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