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Not to be confused with the High Council of Echidnaopolis or the Council of Acorn from the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline.

Onyx City Council
Onyx City Council
First Appearance

Sonic Universe #79

Form of Group and Statistics




Resident location 

The Onyx City Council is a shadowy organization from Silver's Future whose ambitions make them a dangerous threat to Silver the Hedgehog, his allies Professor Von Schlemmer and Gold the Tenrec, and their very reality. They also employ Civil Protection Robots to do their bidding as "administrators" of Onyx City.


The Council imposed a system upon the citizens of Onyx City in which everyone was assigned a particular work duty and shift. While they claimed this was to insure "a future of continued prosperity and joy," they used the Civil Protection Robots to enforce these labor demands, and anyone found "shirking" their duties was taken into custody. There was no love lose between the Council and the people they ruled over, with Silver gladly-if cautiously-resisting their regime. (SU: #79, #80, #81)


The members of the Council all wear matching hooded robes, gloves, boots, and masks that disguise their features, and they can only be distinguished from each other while wearing them by height and girth. Each mask is an orange ovoid that has colored dots visible on it.

Background Information

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