You may be looking for Onyx Island.
Onyx City

Onyx City

Onyx City is a city that exists in Silver's Future. It appears to be a dystopian metropolis ruled over by the Onyx City Council and their Civil Protection Robots.


At some point, the people of Onyx City were apparently split into different work groups with various assigned colors and shifts. The people clearly disliked the order of their society but seemed unable or unwilling to oppose it, presumably because of the Council's Civil Protection Robots and other technology. (SU: #79)

Background Information

  • Due to its name, Onyx City is presumably located on Onyx Island; it shares this characteristic with the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline city of Portal.
  • The iron crates that Silver practices his powers on are the same as the ones that appear in various Sonic the Hedgehog video games.

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