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Current Continuity

Biographical information

Robotic Duplicate


Mr. Omochao

Physical description


  • Color: Cyan
  • Eyes: Yellow
Political Alignment and Abilities

Freedom Fighters (Kingdom of Acorn)

  • Flying
  • Wireless communication
  • Dispensing water

Omochao is a Chao-like robot that aids the Freedom Fighters.


Freedom Fighter Friend

During the first hours of the Shattered World Crisis when the world broke apart, Omochao was deployed with Team Fighters when the Knothole Freedom Fighters went to Station Square to rescue the civilians caught in the devastation. As Team Fighter fought to save lives, Omochao served as their communication link to Sally as she coordinated the team's efforts until G.U.N. arrived. He would later join T-Pup, Big the Cat, and Cheese in backing up Cream the Rabbit in a mission to rescue Team Fighers and Team Freedom from a trap set by Dr. Eggman. He would also appear as part of the force of heroes assembled to battle Sigma-1, which also included the Freedom Fighters, Mega Man, Knuckles the Echidna, some of Wily's Robot Masters, Gemerl, Quake Woman, Team Sticks, the Maverick Hunters, Break Man, Dr. Light, Auto, and Roll. (StH: #257, #267; MM: #50)

Background Information

  • Making his debut in Sonic Adventure 2, Omochao served as the game's tutorial guide for newer players. Due to his trivial information and high-pitched voice, Omochao is disliked by many fans and is often considered one of the worst characters in the Sonic franchise.

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