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You may be looking for E-123 Omega, the Omega Peace Unit, or the Genesis Wave.

The Omega Wave was an energy wave unleashed by the firing of the Ultimate Annihilator that spread across multiple Zones. It had numerous effects, including weakening the barriers between some Zones and the Prime Zone, which allowed the Dark Legion to return to Mobius and also set the stage for the return of Echidnaopolis, its populace, and the Dingo Regime. The wave also restored the free will of many of the Robians, but not all its effects were so beneficial. Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al's Zone was broken down to its base elements, and the effect transformed Al and Cal into vicious automatons who liked nothing better than to war with each other. (StH: #50, #59, #75, KtE: #1, #5, CSE)

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