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Original Continuity

Oil Ocean PSG 2

An overhead view of the Oil Ocean Zone.

The Oil Ocean Zone is a massive valley flooded by the spillage from various oil rigs existing during the period Dr. Eggman's Operation: Clean Sweep altered reality and reshaped Mobius. It is possible that it would be the Oil Ocean Refinery in the regular Mobius.



Oil Ocean PSG 1

Sally, Boomer, and Antoine arrive in the Oil Ocean Zone.

During the period when Dr. Eggman's Operation: Clean Sweep altered reality and reshaped Mobius, Sally, Antoine, and Boomer visited Oil Ocean Zone after splitting up with Sonic and Tails in an attempt to cut Dr. Eggman's support lines rather than face him head on. As Aquis attacked the group, Antoine destroyed them by sheer luck while Sally had a flashback of the old world triggered by the skirmish. With the aid of a Pecky they freed, the heroes shut down the fuel lines, causing trouble for the Metropolis Zone. Soon after, the Zone was swallowed by whiteness as Super Sonic restored the universe, while Sally kept her friends calm. (StH: #228, #229)


  • It is possible that the Oil Ocean Refinery in the regular Mobius is either another name for or a section of Oil Ocean Zone.

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