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This article is about the "Northern Oceans Egg Army"; For other units of the Egg Army, see Egg Army (disambiguation)

The Northern Oceans Egg Army is an Egg Army unit stationed in the world's Northern Oceans. As such, the group threatens underwater civilizations such as the Great Blue Realm city of Meropis, with Egg Boss Akhlut the Orca serving as Dr. Eggman's aquatic commander-in-chief.


Menace of the Northern Seas

After Mobius was drastically altered by the Super Genesis Wave, Akhlut became leader of the Egg Army division stationed in the Great Blue Realm. His efforts to conquer the Northern Seas on behalf of Dr. Eggman quickly earned the ire of his fellow undersea denizens, notably King Puff and Queen Angelica of Meropis. (StH: #261)

Known Members


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