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An overhead map-view of Northamer.

Northamer is a continent in the northern hemisphere of Mobius. It is here the former Kingdom of Acorn was established; it also serves as the main region of power for the Eggman Empire. Due to being embroiled in war for over a decade, many of the region's settlements seem to be autonomous to some degree, though many still recognize the Kingdom of Acorn.




Background Information

  • Northamer is based on North America, with the name being a partial portmanteau.
  • The name of this continent was introduced in an entry on the Sonic the Hedgehog comic blog detailing E-102 Gamma's mission to locate and "liberate" the remaining E-100 Series robots of the Eggman Empire. [1]
  • While Northamer still exists in the Post-SGW timeline, several of its former regions - such as Mobotropolis, Knothole, and other zones originally from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - have been relocated to the newly introduced Westside Island.

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