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Maria Robotnik, the most well-known victim of N.I.D.S.

Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, (also known as NIDS, Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome and N.I.D.S.), is a rare, incurable and potentially fatal disease.


Professor Gerald Robotnik set out to find a cure for the disease after his granddaughter Maria developed it, and used the United Federation's Project Shadow as a means of doing research. Unfortunately, the termination of the project by the government meant that no cure was ever developed. Others have tried to cure N.I.D.S. in recent years; Dr. Ivo Kintobor of Moebius has successfully made a medical suit that stops the disease from progressing, but forces the victim to stay in the suit. (StH: #98, #171, #193)

Buns Omega

Buns Rabbot, a victim of N.I.D.S. from Moebius.

Known Victims

Known Medical Treatments

Background Information

  • It is assumed that NIDS is similar to AIDS.
  • In its depictions, it is implied that NIDS results in a compromised immune system, as Maria and Buns were both kept in sterile environments (the ARK and Omega Care Unit respectively).
  • Given the condition of Buns Rabbot, it is possible that Bunnie Rabbot would have developed NIDS if not for her partial Roboticization; the same condition may also have necessitated the need for the replacement of the limbs of her possible future children Jacque D'Coolette and Belle D'Coolette.

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