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For the version of this character before reality was rewritten as a result of the Super Genesis Wave, see Metal Sonic Troopers. You may also be looking for the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline group known as the Neo Walkers, or the Mega Man X villain Neo Tiger.

Neo Metal Sonic
Neo Metal Sonic
First Appearance

Sonic The Hedgehog #270

Biographical information
Host Form

Metal Sonic

Transformation Requirements
  • Hero Data
  • Villain Data
  • Chaos Data
Gained Abilities
  • Shape-Shifting
"We're not so different, Metal Sonic..."

"Neo Metal Sonic."

–An exchange between Breezie and Neo., Sonic the Hedgehog #270

Neo Metal Sonic is a transformation of Metal Sonic that he underwent shortly before and during his brief takeover of the Eggman Empire.


With a completely self-upgraded AI, complete with an independent personality, Metal Sonic devised a plan to copy the lifeform data of Sonic and his friends, a task he accomplished by kidnapping his former master Eggman and using metallic copies of him to fool the heroes. During this time, he confronted Breezie the Hedgehog, building Casino Park for her as part of her new financial empire under his Eggman disguise. Breezie recognized Metal as an imposter due to his actions, as Eggman wouldn't be so generous. When Metal threatened to harm her should she warn Sonic, she brushed him off and the two apparently shared something of a relationship. Metal's plan was later discovered, but by then he was ready to use the gathered data to transform into Metal Madness and then Metal Overlord. Super Sonic, along with a super-charged Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna, were able to defeat the robot, returning him to his original powered down form. (StH: #270, VG: SH)


Neo Metal Sonic Shape Shifting

Neo Metal Sonic shapeshifting from Eggman's form to his true form.

Neo Metal Sonic has the ability to shapeshift, as seen when he nearly fooled Breezie that he was Dr. Eggman.

Background Information

  • Neo Metal Sonic was based on the transformation of the same name in the video game, Sonic Heroes.