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You may be looking for the city Dimitri, as Enerjak, tried to establish in Mobius Prime. See: Nekronopolis.

Silver wanders the streets of Nekronopolis.

Nekronopolis is a city on Angel Island in the alternate future known as Dark Mobius. Once the capital of the Dark Legion's nation, it eventually reached a stage where it showed few signs of life; the streets were littered with flickering lampposts, overturned cars, fires, crumbling buildings and cracked pavement. The remaining Freedom Fighters hid within the sewers beneath the city. Its most notable feature is the massively towering statue of Enerjak. The city served as a battleground as Enerjak and his Prelates engaged the Freedom Fighters and their ally, Silver the Hedgehog, resulting in Enerjak's eventual defeat. (SU: #25, #26, #26, #28)

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