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Narcolyptus Berries are a type of berry that is found in the Mobian Jungle. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor Walrus were vistiting to warn the Gorillas that Robotnik and Snively were about to destroy the jungle with the Eco-Destroyer, Sonic ate some of the berries without knowing what they did, and fell asleep while Rotor was ambushed by the Gorillas. They took them to their base and had Rotor make a pot of stew for them, which he laced with Narcolyptus berries and made the gorillas fall asleep. After the Knothole Freedom Fighters Freedom Fighters destroyed the Eco-Destroyer, Mobie ate the whole pot of stew and fell asleep for days. (STH #45)

Background Information

  • The berries' name comes from a combination of Narcotic and Eucalyptus.

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