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Nack on Enerjak's wall (head visible by Predator Hawk.

Nack the Weasel (Dark Mobius) is a counterpart to Nack the Weasel on the alternate world of Dark Mobius. Nack's early history was most likely largely the same as his Prime Zone counterpart's. The point where things differed was when Enerjak rampaged across the planet. Jani-Ca hired him to find the Sword of Acorns for her, though he charged her greatly for it. He eventually found the sword on Downunda after narrowly avoiding numerous Prelate soldiers. Due to the great danger of the assignment, Nack tripled his expected payment. He upheld his end of bargain and delivered the sword to Jani-Ca at the end of the month. Nack joined the countless heroes and villains alike that fell to the corrupted Guardian and had his Core removed with his body hung on the inner walls of Enerjak's Citadel like a trophy. (SU: #25, ASUB)

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