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Mini and Mum are a pair of flying Sol Zone Pirates, the two of them serving as a constant irritant to Captain Whisker.




Irritating a Captain

Mini, Mum, and the rest of Whisker's crew participated in Whisker's early clashes with Blaze the Cat and her allies as they competed over the Sol Emeralds. Later, when Johnny stole a Sol Emerald from Whisker's rival Captain Metal, the pesky pair were quick to remind their master of his obligation to turn it over to Dr. Nega. Whisker briefly chased them around his ship, only for the Metal Marauder-recently commandeered by Marine the Raccoon, the members of Team Rose, and Bark and Bean-to arrive and attack, followed shortly by the Kraken. After a brief battle, Whisker and his crew fled, with many of Captain Metal's former crewmates joining them. (SRA, SU: #57, #58)


Mini and Mum appear to have similar thought processes, and are quick to aggravate Whisker through one means or another.


Mini and Mum are both capable of apparently indefinite flight.

Background Information

  • Mini and Mum's names are likely a play on the word "minimum."


Mini and Mum are nearly identical in appearance, both of them appearing as small ovoid robots. However, while Mum is blue-colored and has a single horn on his head, Mini is green and has two.

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