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Muckury was a Mobian moon in which Dr. Ivo Robotnik's superweapon, the Robostorm, crash landed after being stolen by the Freedom Fighters.


Crash Landed

Muckury was one of the Hundred Moons of Mobius, artificial satellites created by the Overland under Overlord Charlemagne. The Freedom Fighters had stolen Robotnik's orbiting space weapon, the Robostorm, but it ran out of power, and they needed a surface on which to land. Robotnik and Snively, in a spacecraft following them, landed on Muckury as well. Their spacecraft, unlike Robostorm, could walk on the muck by transforming. The Freedom Fighters, weakened by Muckury's thin atmosphere, were on the ropes until Sonic built a giant statue of Robotnik out of muck, and Robotnik got out of his craft for a closer look. Unfortunately for him, the statue collapsed on him, and the Freedom Fighters stole their ship and go home while Snively raced to dig Robotnik out. It is unknown exactly how Robotnik and Snively got back to Mobius, though they may have summoned another ship from the surface. (StH: #13, CSE)

Background Information

  • Muckury is a pun on the planet "Mercury" and "Muck"

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