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Original Continuity

First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog (Miniseries) #0

Biographical information


Physical description


  • Dr. Robotnik Version
    • Color: purple, yellow, silver
    • Eyes: black
  • Dr. Eggman Version
    • Color: red, blue, yellow, gray
    • Eyes: black
  • Claws
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Claw attack

Motobug was one of the original Badnik models. Largely ineffective against Sonic the Hedgehog, they were mainly useful as scouts.


Working for Robotnik

Motobug as one of Dr. Robotnik's Badniks and was merely just a messenger who spyed on the The Freedom Fighters and reported back to Robotnik. One time it reported that Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog were having a wedding, but it was just a play starring them. Motobug also joined in the fight but was wrecked badly. (StH: #18)

Robo Hobo Jungle

After Sonic being Roboticized and turned into Mecha Sonic. Motobug and the other badinks were decommissioned and sent to Robo Hobo Jungle. After Sonic was De-Roboticized and went to the jungle to arrest Nack the Weasel he and the other badniks attacked him but was quickly defeated. (StH: #40)

Island of Misfit Badniks


Sonic captured by the original Badniks including Motobug

After that they were relocated to Island of Misfit Badniks were Sonic came to explore but was captured but escaped and quickly beat him up with the rest but Pseudo Sonic and Sonic went around the island charging at each other wrecking Psuedo Sonic and sinking the island with the Badniks faking their deaths. Motobug in the sea was seen hearing about the repairing of Pseudo Sonic by Crabmeat. But both were ambushed by Bottlenose of the FFFF and Motobug fell into Bivalve and was crushed by his jaws while the others were toppeled by the rest and was crushed by Fluke into a cube with the island. Motobug refugees were last seen working for Mammoth Mogul as buttlers in his Casino Night Zone. (StH: #170, #185, #187)

Appearing During Genesis

Motobug Genesis

A Motobug during Genesis.

Motobug reappeared in Green Hill Zone during the events of Genesis, but this time there was more than one. It was the first Badnik that Sonic ran into while investigating the disappearance of animals. He then met a group of Motobugs, and one of them tried to attack Sonic. He easily destroyed them and animals came out from inside of them, including a Flicky. This answered Sonic's question of what happened to the animals. (StH: #226)

Worlds Collide

A Motobug briefly teamed up with a Mettaur when Eggman and Wily made a bet to see which robot would take down Dr. Light first. However, both robots had walked into each other, and thus began to fight each other instead. The robots would eventually destroy each other, and Dr. Light made a transmitter from their parts. (StH: #250)


The Motobug resembles more or less a robotic version of a real-life ladybug. Its body armor is purple and its face is painted yellow. When the world was temporarily reset by the Genesis Wave, the Motobugs that appeared had red body armor and blue faces. Its source of locomotion is reliant on the simple wheel mechanism located in its undercarriage. A small engine on the rear of the Badnik propels its wheel across the ground. Small pincers located below its head are its only source of defense.

Background information

  • Motobug is based on the beetle based badnik of the same name (known as Motora in Japan) from the Sonic video games. They are often the first badniks encountered in the original Sonic the Hedgehog game in the Genesis and Game gear. As usual, the only difference is the color, as the game version is red with a blue face and yellow claws, instead of pink with a yellow face and grey claws. In either version of Sonic the Hedgehog, Motobug has only appeared in the Green Hill Zone, obviously used to test abilities. They only roll around and never even try to use their claws. Retools of Motobug have appeared in Undergound and Green Hills in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear only), Turquoise Hill and Mecha Green Hill in Sonic Chaos, and, curiously, as an obstacle in Hill Top in Sonic Drift 2.
  • Up until StH #226, the only time Motobug's claws have been used effectively was in an Off-Panel in StH #147, where a long retired Motobug bonked writer Mike Gallagher and artist Dave Manak in the heads, and then punctured their superhero stomaches. However Off-Panel is not considered to be canon by this site's canon policy.

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