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Mole Mech

The Mole Mech is a huge single-pilot-operated battle robot built by Dr. Fukurokov, who claims it is "the greatest war machine ever created." As the Battle Bird Armada's secret weapon, the Mole Mech comes equipped with impressive combat capabilities and power.


Fighting Freedom Fighters

The Mole Mech was called in by the Armada as a last resort and successfully subdued intruders in the form of Antoine and Bunnie D'Coolette who had arrived on the island for a vacation. The Mole Mech was essential in bringing down Bunnie Rabbot in the Armada's first encounter with her and a second time when it faced the couple and Tails in the Battle Fortress's storage bay. Before the rematch, the robot received a series of unspecified upgrades from Dr. Fukurokov, per orders from Speedy who then piloted it. SU: #17, #19)

After Bunnie disoriented it with a shot from her arm cannon, the Mole Mech got entangled in some chains until it ripped them from out of the ceiling and then unsuccessfully attempted to shoot down Tails as he loosened the machine's connecting bolts while T-Pup dropped bombs to damage it. While it did manage to finally grab Tails with its extending arm, all it took was one hit from the wrench the fox threw to cause the Mole Mech to completely fall apart and burst into flames.(SU: #20)


The Mole Mech's left arm consists of a laser array, while the right arm is made up of multiple small sections held together by an electrical current, possesses incredible strength, and is capable of extending great distances. It is also equipped with a small drill on its front chest plate for digging and has strong armor that can resist both raging infernos and laser blasts. Despite its formidable strength and durability, the Mole Mech is not an agile machine and can be knocked off-balance and out-maneuvered.

Background Information

  • The Mole Mech is based on the two robots known as Mecha Golem 5-gou that were featured in Tails Adventure. The only real design difference is that the comic Mole Mech is much larger than the game Mole Mech and has no electric coil when spreading its right arm. It was also revealed to be piloted by a red Battle Bird, but in the comics, the pilot is an unknown Battle Bird during its first use against Bunnie and Antoine, and Speedy during its second confrontation with Tails, Bunnie, and Antoine.
  • In Tails Adventure, the Mole Mech appeared in two underground levels, while in the comic it appears on Cocoa Island's beach and aboard the battle fortress. The second one encountered in the game is stationary, and attacks by firing bullets.

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