The Mobius Concert Hall was an abandoned concert hall located near Robotropolis and Knothole. It fell into disuse after Dr. Robotnik banned music following his takeover, though that didn't stop Sonic the Hedgehog from visiting and claiming a guitar. He later led the other Knothole Freedom Fighters there to find instruments of their own, only to be attacked by Robotnik. Shrunk down to miniature size, the Freedom Fighters were forced to contend with Robotnik's mobile Roboticizers, but managed to outwit him and defeat him using the instruments. They also prevented the hall's destruction by shrinking several Badniks using the same miniaturizer Robotnik had used against them. (StH: #8)

Background Information

  • The concert hall was never visited again, though it was mentioned in Sonic's recap in StH: #57. As such, it is unknown whether it was ever refurbished at some point or demolished.

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