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This article is on the main planet Mobius located in the Prime Zone. For other Mobiuses see Zones.

Sonic's World is the homeworld of the Mobians and humans and it is the main setting of the comics and where the majority of events take place. Much of the world is governed by the United Federation which is itself led by the President, while some territories are under the control of the Eggman Empire. However even territories that are not completely controlled by the Eggman Empire have bases stationed within them which are run by Egg Bosses.


A map of Mobius with a legend.

Mobius (also known as Mobius Prime, due to its place in the multiverse) was actually a future version of Earth, and according to this universe's timeline, Earth's year would be approximately 14,017 CE, with Mobius' calendar year at mid-late 3237. It is still unknown exactly what was the starting point for their calendar, but its was likely calculated using what the Echidna Tomes call the Days of Fury. Mobius has endured many conflicts, including the Great War, the first and second Robotnik Wars, and a failed attack by the Xorda. Much of it was also under the control of the Eggman Empire, though some sections of it remained free from its tyranny.


Two Memories

Sonic recalls two different histories- the original one and the rewritten one.

Mobius has experienced two separate timelines with differing histories. The current timeline was brought about due to a phenomenon known as the Genesis Wave: in the original Prime Zone timeline, Dr. Eggman launched this reality-changing wave twice, within a few weeks of each other, during the year 3237. While the first instance was reversed by Super Sonic with no noticeable ill-effects, the second instance would in fact mark the end of that timeline, as during the period in which the planet was reset, the super-powered "Super Genesis Wave" was launched, which, if pulled off successfully, would reshape the world in Dr. Eggman's image. Super Sonic's attempt to reverse this highly delicate process was disrupted by Eggman, and this resulted in all of reality being altered into the timeline seen now.

Before the Wave

After the Wave

From a readers point of view, everything from here on picks up from where the original timeline ended.
  • Sonic blanks out for a moment, then awakens again with memories of Worlds Collide and with his memories of the old timeline. Tails memories of the old timeline also returned after coming into contact with NICOLE. With the Tails Doll defeated, and Naugus out of the way (who exited Castle Acorn in a blind horror after his own memories of the old timeline began to return), Sonic and Tails freed King Acorn from his imprisonment, before setting out on a new adventure to round up the separated Freedom Fighters, and to defragment Nicole by using her to restore the Freedom Fighters memories. Elsewhere, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot, also having just returned from the events of Worlds Collide, crash-land somewhere in the Efrika plains. The group begin their effort to get back to the Death Egg in order to find out what's happening to their world. (#252)
  • Sonic and Tails venture to the Mystic Ruins where they meet Big the Cat and, soon after, are reunited with Rotor, who was next to have his memories of the old world return after coming into contact with Nicole. Providing the duo with their next lead, they set out to Knothole Village. Back in the Efrika plains, Eggman and his lackies finally run into some help, in the form of the Efrika Egg Army, led by Egg Boss Axel the Water Buffalo. (#253)
  • Sonic and Tails venture to the Wood Zone, where they are reunited with Uncle Chuck and Antoine, meeting Ben Muttski in the process. Antoine has his memories restored, but Chuck and Muttski do not. Antoine gives Sonic and Tails the location of where Bunnie was: the Metropolis Zone. Meanwhile, Eggman arrives in Avalon and gains the aid of Lord Hood, converting his Egg Mobile into an Egg Walker for storming a G.U.N. Base before leaving. (StH #254)
  • Sonic and Tails link up with Bunnie in the Metropolis Zone and obtain a shield generator for the Sky Patrol. Meanwhile Eggman meets with Tundra the Walrus of the Artika Egg Army and obtains transportation back to the Death Egg Mark 2. (StH: #255)
Mobius Tears Itself Apart

Mobius tears itself apart as a result of the rewritten reality.

  • Amy Rose and Cream return to Mobotropolis in time to help rescue Sally from a chasing Metal Sonic. Sonic and Tails return to defeat the robot. Both girls regain their memories in time for a horrible revelation: the Super Genesis Wave has caused the multiverse to collapse on itself (and then recreated) and Sonic's World, unable to contain the Chaos energies from it, shatters into pieces. (StH: #256)
  • Angel Island is rattled by the shattering of the world, Chaos is pulled from the Master Emerald and into the ocean below, and a mysterious force instructs Knuckles to search for a "spirit" that would help to restore the world. Knuckles leaves Relic the Pika to guard the Master Emerald in his absence. (SU: #63)
  • G.U.N. begins Operation: Triage to deal with the situation of the planet breaking apart. Meanwhile the Black Arms, now led by Black Death, return to the solar system in the New Black Comet to consume the planet. Commander Abraham Tower sends Team Dark and Spider Troupe to the comet to destroy it with a nuclear bomb. During their mission, the group run afoul of Black Death and Eclipse the Darkling, Shadow briefly falls victim to Black Death's mind control, and Spider Troupe are captured with the intention of being made into the eventual first meal for the Dark Arms, before being rescued. Soon, Shadow manages to hunt down Black Death and slay him in their final battle, before the nuke is detonated, blowing up the comet. Eclipse the Darkling, however, manages to escape the blast by fleeing in an escape saucer. (SU: #59, #60, #61, #62)
  • The Freedom Fighters begin a rescue operation in a heavily hit Station Square. Meanwhile, Eggman learns of Professor Pickle and his research of the Gaia Manuscripts. This leads to him kidnapping the professor, along with Uncle Chuck. (StH: #257)
  • The Freedom Fighters track the kidnapped professors to the Soleanna Forest Zone, where they are being held aboard the moving Egg Train. After Sonic defeats Badnik horde commander E-106 Eta, the professors are rescued and taken back to the Sky Patrol, leaving their research, and the Gaia Manuscripts, in the hands of Eggman. (StH: #258, #259)
  • While managing repairs to Casino Park following the world shattering, the 6S uncover a Chaos Emerald and bring it to Breezie the Hedgehog. She decides to hold a fighting tournament, with the emerald as a prize. (StH: #271)
  • After days of searching through the Sky Rail Zone and Pumpkin Hill Zone, Knuckles is attacked by a horde of Dark Gaia monsters, before the Chaotix show up to assist him. He agrees to help in their mission from Princess Sally to find the Chaos Emeralds. After running afoul of the Hooligans, the group track down the spirit, a skittish, amnesiac little creature, whom Charmy names "Chip", and a red Chaos Emerald in the Aquatic Mine. During Knuckles absence, Eclipse the Darklings escape saucer lands in the Mushroom Hill Zone. Relic and Fixit head out to investigate, only to find a mysterious black and red root from the ground. (SU: #62, #63, #64, #65, #66)
  • The Knothole Freedom Fighters begin their hunt for Gaia Temples and Chaos Emeralds: Sonic, Amy and Rotor are sent to the underwater city of Meropis to find a Gaia Temple. Down there, they gain the aide of Razor, Coral and Pearly. After fighting off Dark Gaia's Minions, the group discover that Chaos is the one keeping the oceans from draining from the shattered planet. They return to the Sky Patrol without uncovering a Gaia Temple. Meanwhile, Sally, Tails, Antoine and Nicole venture into the Crystal Cave to snag a Chaos Emerald that the Egg Army had been mining for. The group successfully evade hazards and return to the Sky Patrol with the emerald. (StH: #260, #261, #262, #263)
  • After Knuckles and the Chaotix successfully rescue Chip from the Hooligans, he's taken to the safety of Angel Island, and the Chaotix agree to let Knuckles hold on got to the Chaos Emerald until the Knothole Freedom Fighters have gathered the other six. While on the Island, it is revealed by Tikal that Chip is in fact Light Gaia. (SU: #66)
  • Tracking Eclipse after his escape, Team Dark arrive on Angel Island to hunt down the alien. Knuckles reluctantly agrees to aide in their search, leaving Shadow and Relic to guard the Master Emerald, only for Eclipse himself to appear to the both of them. (SU: #67)
  • Sonic, along with Sally and Amy, reunite with Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel in the Rocky Jungle Zone, where they team up to retrieve the grey Chaos Emerald from an Egg Army digging site. They raid the area only to be caught in an electrical field where they are paralysed. The stress of the situation causes Sonic to finally tip over the edge and become the Werehog. After regaining control, Sonic decides to stay to undergo training with Moss the Sloth to overcome his beastly transformation, while the Freedom Fighters try to obtain a Chaos Emerald in the Sand Hill Zone. While Sonic manages to control his primal urges, the group's mission turns out to be a failure. They group back together and continue their search. (StH: #264, #265, #266)
  • Having obtained an Chaos Emerald, Breezie holds a fighting tournament to distract everyone from the worldwide crisis; the winner wins the emerald. She selects three certain members of the Freedom Fighters to participate, while Eggman enters Team Hooligan to even the odds. Meantime, Espio sneaks Knuckles' name into the list of contenders while he and Chip were busy scouting the casino lobby for Master Emerald shards. The fight escalates till only Sonic and Knuckles are the only contenders remaining, but their match is interrupted by the untimely arrival of Metal Sonic. Before he could snatch the prize Emerald from the unsecured vault, however, he is quickly dispatched by Tails, winning the emerald in the process. As the heroes make their exit, Sally receives a distress call aboard the Sky Partol from the priest of Apotos, Gregorios. (StH: #266, #267, #268, #269)
  • While aboard the Sky Partol, Nicole relieves another distress call from her creator, Dr. Ellidy, and transmits herself to his location in the Digital World. Sally, Big, and Tails fallow suit and journey to Ellidy's abode on Isolated Island. Upon being revived, Ellidy explains that he uncovered a mysterious phenomenon known as the Red Star Rings; and while exploring its properties, a mysterious glitch appeared in the island's mainframe and tried killing him while trying to fix it. Sally later learned of Ellidy's intentions for creating Nicole and why he despised her so, only to be attacked by both Dark Gaia's minions and the mysterious entity controlling the island's badniks. With Sally and Ellidy's help, Nicole is able to fight off the rouge virus known as Phage and lock it out of the system.(SU: #71, #72, #73, #74)
  • Meanwhile, at the Blue Coast Zone, Sonic has a brief encounter with Eggman's Egg SWATs when a mysterious portal opened in the sky, unleashing the once-imprisoned Ifrit. With help from Silver the Hedgehog, who had been sent to deal with the phenomenon, they were able to lure the beast back into its fiery domain. Before long, Sonic, Antoine, and Chip had managed to locate Gregorios at a local temple, where he showed them the hidden Gaia Gate and gave them a list of locations which the families possessing keys to the Gaia Temples resided. Shortly after defeating a Dark Gaia Titan that night and locating another shard of the Master Emerald, the Freedom Fighters received a call from Rouge the Bat, telling them that G.U.N. had managed to locate another Chaos Emerald in the Crystal Desert Zone. (SCO: #6; StH: #271)

200 Years Later


Nearly 12,000 years ago, during the 21st century of the "old world" when Mobius was still known as "Earth", an alien race known as the Xorda came to the planet to offer an alliance to its human population. However, the emissary they dispatched was captured, studied and subsequently dissected by a group of scientists led by Ivan Kintobor, a leading scientist at the time. Ivan had hoped to use the captured alien and its technology to produce the robot Isaac as well as numerous other creations. His methods however proved antagonistic towards the Xorda. In retaliation, the aliens bombarded the planet with Gene Bombs with the intention of exterminating all life on the planet, melting all surface life into primordial ooze. Before the destruction of the planet's biosphere, however, a number of hidden cities were constructed, safe from the effects of the Gene Bombs. The bombs had an unforeseen side effect however. Rising from the primordial soup, DNA from the former human population formed the four-fingered Overlanders seen on Mobius today, while the rest of the animal kingdom also experienced a rapid evolution from interaction with human DNA, forming modern-day Mobians. (StH: #124, #148; SSM: #1)

Early History

Approximately 10,000 years ago, the planet suffered a massive environmental cataclysm. The Gene Bombs were supposed to preserve Earth's environment as it was when it was attacked. However, their interaction with the planet caused massive volcanic reactions, earth quakes, and massive storms, hurling billions of tons of ash and dirt into the air. This is what is chronicled as the First Day of Fury in Echidna theology. (StH: #148)

How the echidnas would have records of this time is unknown, as Mobians were still in very primitive stages or not around at all yet. It is possible they learned of this event from geographical remnants of the events, or they located records of it left over from the destroyed Earth's population.

Shortly after this cataclysm, the event known as the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds occurred. Mysteriously, the green Chaos Emeralds reigned down on the planet from the sky. This resulted in dramatic global weather changes, eventually causing the extinction of the Mobosaurs. However, it also gave rise to the omnipotent beings known as the Ancient Walkers and provided immortality to Mammoth Mogul, when one of the descending Chaos Emeralds embedded itself in his chest. It also allowed the Mobo-sapiens, known more simply as Mobians, to become the new dominant race on the planet. (StH: #148, TMS: #3, SMM)

The "Gene Bomb" origin theory provided by Isaac is considered to be false as other evidence in the comics is contradictory to this. However, all other historical accounts are considered canon, as there is no contrary evidence to these events happening.

The Days of Fury continued to affect Mobius for thousands of years, right up to modern day. The Echidna Tomes describe them as "natures way of adjusting to environmental changes it undergoes over a certain duration" according to Athair. Prior to the Day of Fury which happened in the year 3235, Athair stated the last recorded Day of Fury happened some "twelve hundred years ago". (KtE: #10)

At some point in time, the early dragons were supposedly born in the Dragon Kingdom region of Mobius. The dragons warred amongst themselves for generations, until they realized the destruction wrought on the land. After this the various dragons settled throughout Mobius. Mobius' early history also saw the rise of two more super-powerful beings connected to the Chaos Force: Aurora and Enerjak, who were formerly research scientists in Albion. Sadly, Enerjak became corrupted by his powers, and Aurora and the Ancient Walkers were forced to scatter his being throughout the Chaos Force. (SU: #13, CSE)

Approximately 9,700 years ago, the Echidnas were already well developed in their colony of Albion. The Albion Knights of Aurora found themselves defending the planet against the wizard caste known as the Order of Ixis, which was bent on world domination and was subservient to their founder Mammoth Mogul. Events in the war included the appearance of Mutates, the invention of cybernetics, the mutation of the Tasmanian Devils, and the rise of the second Enerjak. Despite the Order's incredible powers, the Albion Knights successfully defeated Mogul during the Forgotten War, effectively wiping out all of the Order of Ixis. However, Mogul and three later disciples, Agunus, Nusgau, and Suguna, survived the Forgotten War. The latter three wizards eventually merged to form the individual wizard Ixis Naugus thousands of years later. It was also during the Forgotten War that monstrous creatures of various species, collectively known as Mutates, began to appear across the planet, though in limited numbers. (StH: #66, #67, #163, CSE)

The 300 year period between the Coming of the Chaos Emeralds and the Forgotten War is based off Mammoth Mogul's look when he was 300 years old, depicted in the Mecha Madness special, due to him having the same look during the Forgotten War depicted in StH: #163. This is only a rough estimate.

Developing Societies

Approximately 1,000 years ago, Dave, an Echidna from Albion, ventured out into space, exploring Jupiter and its moon Europa on his ship the Monolith. The Echidnas made other advances down through history as well, one group going so far as to leave Albion in order to resettle elsewhere. After briefly stopping in Soumerca, where two factions of the colony effort-the Knuckles and Nocturnus Clans-broke off to fight for the land they hoped to claim, the other group settled in Downunda, where they built the city of Echidnaopolis. (KtE: #12, #30, CSE)

Approximately 600 years ago, a White Comet hurling towards Echidnaopolis was discovered by the Echidna scientists Jordann and Kayla-La. Using their knowledge of the Chaos Emeralds, the two scientists managed to use the Chaos Emeralds' powers to lift their city into the sky, after the Fire Ants dug underneath the city to separate it from the continent — thus creating the Floating Island. Sadly, the Echidnas would face further troubles of their own, beginning when the scientist Dimitri attempted to return to the island to the surface using his Chaos Syphon, only to be driven mad. This would also lead to the creation of the office of Guardian among the Echidnas of the island. (StH: #34, #35, KMS #1 , #2, #3)

Meanwhile, the other Mobians learned from the Echidnas on how to structure themselves into societies. One Mobian, Alexander, decided to pool the various groups resources and knowledge together to form a single society. While the Overlanders proved too violent in nature to be included, and the Echidnas chose to exclude themselves from joining the group, the other Mobians pulled together and created Mobotropolis - the first multicultural city on the planet. (StH: #71)

Modern History

Approximately 50 years ago (3187):

Approximately 48 years ago (3189):

  • Julian Kintobor of the House of Ivo is born in the Overland. (StH: #72)

Between 3189 & 3220:

Approximately 17 years ago (3220):

Approximately 16 years ago (3221):

Approximately 12 years ago (3225):

Between 3225 & 3235:

Approximately 2 years ago (3235):

Approximately 1 year ago (3236):

Current year (3237):

  • Sonic the Hedgehog returns from outer space and helps to prevent the Eggman Empire from launching nuclear missiles. (StH: #130, #131, #132, #133)
  • Golden Hive Colony is obliterated by the Eggman Empire with almost no survivors. (StH: #138)
  • The Ancient Walkers are killed when the dimensional barriers are breached. (StH: #162)
  • The Order of Ixis is briefly revived with the alliance of Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus. (StH: #163)
  • The Dark Legion splinters into a civil war between the Flame Legion and Frost Legion. (StH: #165)
  • The Great Harmony is achieved by the "Chosen One", who sends all of Mobius Prime's Chaos Emeralds into the Zone of Silence. (StH: #169)
  • The Eggman Empire destroys Knothole Village via aerial bombardment with the Egg Fleet. (StH: #175)
  • The citizens of the Kingdom of Acorn are rescued and transported to New Mobotropolis. (StH: #176, #177)
  • Angel Island is liberated of its Dingo oppressors by Enerjak. (StH: #181)
  • The majority of the surviving echidnas are relocated to Albion's former site by Enerjak, while some remain with Lien-Da. (StH: #181)
  • New Megaopolis is destroyed by Enerjak. Some surviving Echidnas, under Lien-Da, ally with Dr. Eggman and form the Dark Egg Legion. (StH: #183, #184)
  • After Moebius is conquered by Scourge, he and the Suppression Squad successfully invade Mobius Prime. (StH: #189)
  • The Suppression Squad mutiny against Scourge; he is defeated and imprisoned in the No Zone. (StH: #193, #194, #196, #197)
  • The Freedom Fighters launch their final attack against the Eggdome; Eggman loses his sanity and the Second Robotnik War ends. (StH: #198, #199, #200)
  • The Iron Dominion usurps the Eggman Empire after conquering the Dragon Kingdom; Dr. Eggman escapes but is imprisoned in New Mobotropolis. (StH: #200, #205, #206, #207)
  • The Iron Dominion takes over New Mobotropolis and legionizes some of its citizens. (StH: #208, #209, #210)
  • Sonic, Tails, Sally and Monkey Khan break the Iron Dominion's control of the four clans, freeing the Dragon Kingdom. (SU: #13, #14, #15, #16)
  • New Mobotropolis is liberated from the Iron Dominion; Eggman and Snively escape into hiding while the Iron Queen is arrested. (StH: #211)
  • War between the newly created Wolf Pack Nation and the Felidae is averted when Drago's plot is exposed. (StH: #214)
  • The Knothole Freedom Fighters are made aware of the Battle Bird Armada in a series of skirmishes on Cocoa Island. (SU: #17, #18, #19, #20)
  • Iceborough is permanently liberated from mind-control of the local Dark Egg Legion chapter by Rotor Walrus and Silver the Hedgehog. (StH: #216)
  • Oil Ocean Refinery suffers heavy damage in a battle between the Sand-Blasters & Great Desert Dark Egg Legion rendering it useless to both parties. (StH: #218)
  • Geoffrey St. John turns on Sonic and restores Ixis Naugus' mind with the purple Chaos Emerald. (StH: #220)
  • Ixis Naugus claims leadership of the Republic of Acorn before the Council of Acorn. (StH: #223)
  • The Death Egg Mark 2 is launched and "Operation: Clean Sweep", which warps space-time. (StH: #224, #225)
  • "Genesis" occurs where Sonic, Sally, Antoine, Rotor & Tails fight Eggman to bring the world back to normal. (StH: #226, #227, #228, #229)
  • Sally disables the World Roboticizer, making a great deal of damage to the Death Egg Mark 2, but gets roboticized in the process. (StH: #230)
  • The combined efforts of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Ixis Naugus repel Eggman's attacks, who retreats. Ixis Naugus is made King after his " heroic " deeds, usurping the Acorns' reign. (StH: #231, #232)
  • The Battle Bird Armada invades New Mobotropolis and destroys it to unleash the Babylon Garden but are stopped by Sonic and crash on a nearby mountain and retreat. (SU: #35, #36)
  • Elias Acorn seeks the help of Harvey Who to take back his throne, who would then form the Secret Freedom Fighters. (StH: #233)
  • The Knothole Freedom Fighters are officially disbanded with the loss of Sally, Antoine and Bunnie. Two new teams are formed in replacement, Team Fighters and Team Freedom. (StH: #235
  • Team Fighters saves Furville from Eggman. (StH: #236)
  • A second attempt to incite war between the Wolf Pack Nation and Felidae by Eggman fails when Team Fighters rescue the captive monarchs. (StH: #237, #238)
  • The Death Egg drops forces on Feral Forest to assassinate Elias while it lays siege to New Mobotropolis. Team Fighters repel the attack at Feral Forest while Team Freedom, with some unseen help from the Secret Freedom Fighters, drives the Death Egg away from the city. (StH: #239, #240)
  • The Secret Freedom Fighters observe and learn of King Naugus' plan to magically enslave the Council of Acorn. The team engages Naugus and Geoffrey in their underground Ritual Chamber, foiling the plot. (SU: #41, #42, #43, #44)
  • Due to an accident at Mina's latest concert, held to convince the citizens of New Mobotropolis that they need Nicole back, the council agree to let Nicole return from her exile. Meanwhile, Geoffrey finally confronts his master over his recent activities, which would lead to Naugus taking over Geoffrey's body to prevent him from breaking his contract, as well as to sustain himself from his ongoing mutations. (StH: #241)
  • Vector, Espio and Charmy go in search of Mighty and Ray. Their search takes them from Albion to Sand Blast City, where they finally discover the duo undercover as Sand Blast Freedom Fighters. After Mighty reunites with his long lost younger sister, Great Desert Dark Egg Legionnaire Matilda, he and Ray return to Angel Island with their friends, leaving Matilda under the care of Beauregard Rabbot. (SU: #46, #47, #48, #49)
  • Albion is briefly attacked by Lien-Da and the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion but the city is left vacant after Thrash the Devil banishes all Echidnas alike to an unknown location out of vengeance. (StH: #243, #244, #245, #246)
  • Dr. Eggman comes into contact with Dr. Wily, an evil scientist from an alternate reality through the power of the blue Chaos Emerald, that had somehow ended up in Wily's universe. The two construct the Skull Egg Zone so that they can meet in person and construct the Wily Egg. (MM: #24)
  • Dr. Eggman sends a newly rebuilt Metal Sonic to battle Shard the Metal Sonic. The battle ends with Metal Sonic self-destructing, leaving Shard heavily damaged. Soon after, Eggman rebuilds Metal Sonic yet again, this time with the memories of his previous models, and sends him to the Skull Egg Zone in preparation for his and Dr. Wily's plan. (SU: #50)
  • With the help of Silver, who has finally identified Princess Sally as the "traitor" (not of her own will), Team Fighters infiltrate the Death Egg at the Northern Tundra and successfully subdue Mecha Sally. Meanwhile in New Mobotropolis, the Tails Doll finally shows its true form and attacks Team Freedom. As these events unfold, Eggman and Wily launch the second Genesis Wave on their zones. (StH: #247, MM: #24)
  • With Mobius reset once again, the events of Worlds Collide take place: Sonic the Hedgehog and the hero of Dr. Wily's universe, Mega Man, team up in an adventure that takes them to the Skull Egg Zone, being pitted against the Roboticized Masters (Roboticized versions of Sonic's friends) Dr. Wily's time-cloned Robot Masters, and many more. The Doctors attempt to use all seven Chaos Emerald to launch the "Super Genesis Wave", which will completely alter their respective worlds to the Doctors liking, with no limitations. Using the emeralds power to access their super forms, Sonic and Mega Man both attempt to reverse the wave. Super Mega Man successfully restores his world to normal, while Super Sonic's attempt to restore Mobius is disrupted by Dr. Eggman with disastrous consequences, effectively bringing an end to the original timeline. Continued in the current timeline, after the Super Genesis Wave (MM: #24, #25, #26, #27, SU: #51, #52, #53, #54, StH: #248, #249, #250, #251)

Distant Future

Everything beyond this point has been effectively negated by the Super Genesis Wave.

Between 3237 and 3437 P.X.E.:

  • A "legendary" figure among the Freedom Fighter groups purportedly betrays them and starts a chain reaction of cataclysmic events that brings ruin to Mobius. (StH: #195, #215, SU: #8)
  • The Future Freedom Fighters are formed, led by Lara-Su. (StH: #215)
  • The ARK falls out of its orbit around Mobius and crashes into the planet's surface, causing untold amounts of damage and is left to burn itself out. (StH: #216)
  • The Great Krudzu Spore presents itself as a significant threat to the world's remaining population before it is eliminated by Silver. This event originally never occurred in the timeline, until Silvers intervention at the liberation of Iceborough in 3237 caused minor changes to the future. As a result, Silver has no recollection of this event. (StH: #216)

200 years into the future (3437 P.X.E.):

Mobius Timeline Gallery

Main Locations


A map of Mobius, as it appeared in the original timeline, showing the locations of the Eggman Empire's Sub-Bosses



Main Political Factions

Mobian Cities & Territories

Overlander/Human Cities & Territories

Zones & Areas


  • Weight: Measured in Stone (1 Stone = approximately 6.35 Kg or 14 lbs)
  • Height: Measured in Marks (1 Mark = approximately 1.4 cm or a little over 1/2 inch)
  • Month/Day Calculations: This is to be applied when looking at a characters profile. For example: if a character was born Day of birth: 162, that would work out to June 11. Since each Mobius year is 365 days, each month coresponds wer a certain set of numbers as seen below:
    • January- 1 through 31
    • February- 32 through 59
    • March- 60 through 90
    • April- 91 through 120
    • May- 121 through 151
    • June- 152 through 181
    • July- 182 through 212
    • August- 213 through 243
    • September- 244 through 273
    • October- 274 through 304
    • November- 305 through 334
    • December- 335 through 365

Background Information

  • In recent issues, the book seems to be going to great lengths to avoid refering to the planet as Mobius. Most notably, the heading at the start of each issue, which originally began with "Welcome to the planet Mobius" has since been changed to "Welcome to Sonic's comic book adventures", and other instances where the planet's name would usually be mentioned is changed to simply "Sonic's World" instead. A recent post by Ian Flynn revealed that a SEGA mandate has stated that Sonic's world cannot be named, thus the name "Mobius" has been dropped. The reason is unknown, as is whether Mobius is still the name of the planet in universe.
    • Despite this change, other names that make reference to the planet's name, such as New Mobotropolis, are still retained.
  • The first map of Mobius shown in SSS #2 showed the "Land of a Million Lights" to be located in the "South Africa" part of the planet. However, the map shown in StH #194 located it where the Lethal Radioactive Zone from the first map was. The new map also listed Station Square in the location the Mysterious Cat Country was located on the older map, instead of just being located nearby. It is unknown if these were retcons or simply mistakes.
    • Oddly enough, most of the game-related zones mentioned or shown in the comics remain unspecified on either maps. Among them are Bingo Highway and Frog Forest from Sonic Heroes, Wild Canyon from Sonic Adventure 2, Sky Canyon from Sonic Advance 2, Club Rouge and Holy Summit (misspelled Holly Summit) from Sonic Battle, Windy Valley and Red Mountain from Sonic Adventure, and South Island from the classic titles.
  • The name Mobius may may be a reference to a shape known as the Möbius strip, a shape with no clear start or end that appears to have multiple sides, when in fact there is only one. This could be intended as a reference to the cyclical nature of species dominance on this alternate Earth / Mobius.
  • The name Moebius, which refers to the alternate version of Mobius from which Scourge hails, may be based off of Möbius syndrome, which is also spelled Moebius, an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder which is characterized by facial paralysis and the inability to move the eyes from side to side. This description could arguably characterize the distorted personas of Scourge and his Supression Squad as well.
  • According to a post by Ian Flynn, only three video games have not occured in the post-Super Genesis Wave world: Sonic Unleashed (as that is the current storyline), Sonic Lost World (which Ian says that he wants to deal with, but he can take his time to get there), and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (due to the ongoing litigation with Ken Penders and the fact that, storywise, it takes place two years into the future). Thus, unless contridicted in-story, it can be assumed that all video games are canon to the post-Super Genesis Wave world. This has been proven true as Sonic the Hedgehog #268 does an adaptation of Sonic the Fighters, one of the earlier games released in the Sonic game canon.


  • The exact date of the Mobian calendar is unknown, but by day counting from Sonic's last birthday in StH: #160 , the first Genesis Wave was launched on day 184, 3237, and the second about nine days later. While it would have been 3238 had Sonic spent a full year in space, StH: #155 had Tails state he was still eleven, and in StH: #157 Dr. Eggman's computer monitor clearly showed the year as 3237.
  • It is unknown what year the early Sonic issues take place. However, StH #188 established that Sonic was eight-years-old when he first fought against the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad, placing issues with them at 3228, but Tails would have been three and not old enough to be a freedom fighter. It is known that Dr. Robotnik was defeated in 3235 as he was said for have ruled for ten years, and the year 3236 came into being some time before StH #69, as Sonic officially turned 16 then. With the following information in mind, here is a rough estimate of what issues take place in what year:
    • Unknown: StH: #1 — #24
    • 3235: StH: #25 — #57
    • 3236: StH: #58 — #125
    • 3237: StH: #130 — #247
  • As of StH #148 (Mobian year 3237), Ivan Kintobor was born 12,010 years, 11 months, and two weeks ago, in the Earth calendar date June 6, 2006, putting Mobius' date at May 20, 14,017 CE.
  • It's currently unknown whether the date system still applies to the altered post-Super Genesis Wave universe.
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