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Mobini are wildlife creatures native to Mobius and related worlds that are distantly related to Mobians.

List of Known Mobinis

One of the most well known Mobini is the Flicky bird, which comes in a variety of species seen across the planet including a few varieties found exclusively on Flicky Island. The majority of the Tasmanian Devil race are considered Mobini due to alterations made to their species' genetics by rogue Echidna scientists from Albion during the Forgotten War. (SBS, SSSM: #2)







  • Blood Beast
  • Devil Watcher


  • Despite being categorized as non-sapient, certain Mobini have proven themselves to be self-aware and highly intellectual. Froggy showed signs of it during his debut in the comics, and Tails communicated with a seagull that he rescued from Octobot's pollution.
    • It's possible that Mobians have the ability to communicate with Mobini using a separate language; a skill which Sally Acorn demonstrated with a Flicky during Operation: Clean Sweep.

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