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Mobie - From Encyclopedia
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #32

Biographical information
  • Unknown
Was frozen in ice for about 8,000 years
  • Unnamed wife (presumed deceased)
  • Unnamed child (presumed deceased)

Mobian/Cave bear (Mobus Ursaide Sapiens)

Physical description


  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Leotard
  • Wooden club
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Strength

Mobie is the last surviving member of the otherwise extinct, primitive Mobian cave bear species, and was freed from an icy cave where he rested in suspended animation. He was accidentally discovered by Antoine D'Coolette, and would come to the aid of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. He subsequently took up residence in the Mobian Jungle with the Gorilla Army.


Ancient Life

Mobie's Family

Mobie with his family.

Mobie was a prehistoric cave painter in his early life, and had with him in his old life a wife, child and pet dog. He was apparently an individual of bravery, and was one of the first Mobians who stood against Mammoth Mogul during his initial reign, helping to overthrow him. Then, one day some eight thousand years ago, he was frozen holding his paint brush in the snowy mountains, and remained there for millennia until his discovery. (StH: #32, CSE)



Mobie preserved in ice.

After Sir Charles Hedgehog called off a SWATbot attack led by Muttski, he suggested a tactical retreat. Antoine tried to lead the way, and promptly tumbled down a snowy hill before bumping into a cave filled with ice. Upon investigating the ice, Sir Charles found what he referred as a Mobus Ursaide Sapiens; Tails immediately dubbed him Mobie. Despite Sonic's objections, Rotor decided to take Mobie back to Knothole Village to revive him. The defrosting was supposed to take several days, but Sonic accidentally hit the Glaciator and sped up the thawing process. Unfortunately, Mobie followed his primitive instincts, nearly killing Sally. Bunnie Rabbot stuck him in a tree until they could figure out what to do with him. Bunnie remembered that Mobie had a paintbrush, and suggested using art to communicate with him, but it brought memories of his family, causing him to run off. After a few mishaps, not only were they able to gain his friendship, but with his help, they were able to retrieve Muttski and restore his free will. Sir Charles later found a home for Mobie in the Mobian Jungle. (StH: #32)

Defending His Home

Unfortunately, Dr. Ivo Robotnik had been trying to find a way to conquer the jungle for some time now. Luckily, he suffers from a psychological fear of the jungle. Snively, on the other hand, promised to use the Eco-Destroyer on the jungle. Luckily, Sir Charles overheard this and told the freedom fighters about it. They split into teams to trek into the jungle to warn Mobie and the other inhabitants. Tails and Bunnie found Mobie and prepared to take him back to Knothole when they saw the Eco-Destroyer attacking a Gorilla encampment. Mobie, Tails and Bunnie drove off the SWATbots, and found Sonic and Rotor, whom had been captured by the gorillas earlier. After Mobie freed Sonic, Sonic sabotaged the destroyer so that it collapsed when Robotnik arrived. Mobie stayed in the gorilla village for a few days, due to his sampling half a potful of Rotor's Narcolyptic Berry stew and was sleeping like a log. (StH: #45)


Mobie is thought to be artistic if he is indeed a cave painter. Apart from this he is also in great physical condition and is skilled with a club and rope. His physical strength is immense, matching his formidable appetite.


Despite his large size and gruff manner, Mobie is a kind and heroic individual, having opposed Mammoth Mogul prior to being frozen. Though initially frightened by his new modern environment, he quickly befriended the Freedom Fighters after they figured out how to communicate with him. As such, he was quick to come to their aid when they were threatened by Robotnik. For the most part, however, he seems content to keep to himself in the solitude of the Mobian Jungle.

Background Information

  • In Mammoth Mogul's flashbacks to his initial overthrow, a figure resembling Mobie was seen as one of the Mobians who apparently stood against his tyranny. The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia later confirmed that this was indeed Mobie.


Mobie is different in respect to most Mobians in the respect of fur, as he is mostly covered in pure skin with minor fur on his arms and facial hair. He is bulky, with pointed ears and teeth sticking out either side of his mouth. His attire consists of a leopard skin leotard held up by rope.

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