For the Metal Sonic originally classified as Metal Sonic 2.0, see Shard the Metal Sonic

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Metal Sonic 2.0 (also known as Mecha Sonic and Metal Overlord) is the second Metal Sonic created by Dr. Eggman in his attempt to take over Mobius in the Super Genesis Wave-altered universe.

To Steal the Master Emerald

Metal Sonic 2.0 was first unleashed during Dr. Eggman's first assault on Angel Island. Confronting Sonic the Hedgehog in the Sky Sanctuary Zone, Sonic easily defeats the robot, knocking him off the Zone as he goes to chase Eggman in the original Death Egg. He later attempts his original programming, stealing the Master Emerald, and ends up confronting Knuckles the Echidna in the process. Despite obtaining his own Super transformation, Knuckles easily defeats the robot, destroying his original body and sending his head off the island.

Enter Metal Overlord

After this humiliating defeat, his absorption of Chaos Energy allowed his to gain sentience, allowing him to realize what he'd been doing wrong as he repaired himself. After working with Eggman for awhile, he realized that Eggman's losses was because of his ego and, tired of it, locked him away and took over, taking up the form and name of "Metal Overlord". However, despite this, he still wasn't strong enough and was defeated again. His current location is unknown.

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