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Metal Overlord
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Metal Overlord has only been mentioned in various issues
Biographical information
Host Form

Metal Sonic (via Neo Metal Sonic)

Transformation Requirements

Copied life-form data of enemies

Gained Abilities

Metal Overlord was a super form of Metal Sonic, attained after he had evolved into Neo Metal Sonic.


After copying data from the members of Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Chaotix, Team Rose, Froggy and Chocola, Neo Metal Sonic evolved into Metal Overlord in his bid to finally defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and take over the world. Despite it's power, three of the teams were able to weaken it, and when it changed into a flying form it was defeated by Super Sonic and his Chaos Emerald-empowered teammates Knuckles the Echidna and Miles "Tails" Prower. During Worlds Collide, Sonic remembered this form as simply "That stupid dragon thing" when he later battled Metal Sonic aboard the Wily Egg in the Skull Egg Zone. (VG: SH; SU: #54, #63)

Background Information

  • Metal Overlord was not named in SU #54, only referred to as "stupid dragon" form that Metal Sonic took. The name comes from the game Sonic Heroes, which also referred to the first form of Metal Overlord as Metal Madness, though Metal Overlord is mentioned by name by Knuckles in SU #64.
  • Metal Overlord is an element from Sonic Heroes that Sega has been opposed to including in the comic, though the design of its previous incarnation, Neo Metal Sonic, was used for the Metal Sonic Troopers.  Metal Overlord is also apparently one of writer Ian Flynn's least favorite Sonic characters.