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The Metal Destructix were a group of robots based on the Robian versions of the Destructix team. Crafted by A.D.A.M., they were used as part of his "Anonymous" conspiracy, and served a two-fold purpose. Their primary mission was to allow A.D.A.M. to plant an Infiltrator version of Tommy Turtle in Knothole, where it attempted to assassinate Sonic the Hedgehog. Defeated by Sonic and the Infiltrator, the Metal Destructix were captured by Eggman, whom A.D.A.M. attempted to convince that the Metal Destructix were actually the Robians they had been based upon, somehow having undergone Roboticization yet again. However, Eggman discovered the fabricated nature of these robots, and went on to learn the identity of their creator, while the Tommy Infiltrator would be destroyed. (StH: #135, #136, #168, CSE)

Background Information

  • The Metal Destructix are the first instances in the series of Metal Series-esque versions of non-Sega characters being created, the only other instance being that of Metal Scourge. However, it may not be prudent to consider them true Metal Series robots due to the fact that they are simply duplicates of Robians.

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